As an energy provider we see Aotearoa moving every day. But we also see the big cultural movements our country is making. And we recognise that we need to be moving with them both.

The shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy is the biggest and most fundamental move for us. It’s not simple and it won’t happen as fast as most of us would like. We still need to keep country’s economy and welfare working. But we are dedicated to be a leading part of our nation’s transition to cleaner fuels.


Two women biking


We’re investing in other forms of clean energy generation. We have become a home electricity supplier. We’re putting fast chargers in our stations. And we even advocate for the use of alternative modes of transport to reduce carbon emissions. As an operation we're well on track to achieving our carbon reduction targets, even our carwashes recycle their water.

However our enthusiasm to move ahead extends well beyond just sustainability. We’re advocates for the growing use of te reo Māori in New Zealand. We’re supportive of our rainbow community. We’re encouraging of acceptance and inclusion of all nationalities and minority groups. And we stand against any type of bullying or intimidation by anyone in society.

Moving with the times is about enabling Aotearoa to become an even better place to call home. We’d say that more than ever, Z is for New Zealand.