Rainbow Employee Network launches at Z

Diversity and inclusion July 22, 2021

Creating an open inclusive work environment where people can bring their true selves to work each and everyday is an aspiration that many Kiwi, and international businesses hope to achieve.

The journey is continuous, there is always another step to take, another opportunity to learn, another chance to embrace what makes each person unique, and in doing so create an environment that is more inclusive than the day before.

At Z, we recognize the journey that we are on, the opportunity we have, and the focus this aspiration deserves as we look to bring our Diversity & Inclusion Stand to life. We are creating a space where our team of nearly 500 can be who they are, through education, conversation and leadership that is driven across the business. 

The Z Rainbow Network — a focus on education and allyship

As the only retail fuel Rainbow Tick accredited organisation, we are proud of our latest step, the launch of our first official internal employee network: the Z Rainbow Network. With a focus on increasing understanding, engagement and awareness of rainbow diversity, it aims to help create more visible leaders who identify as a member of the rainbow community or ally across Z.  

Increasing understanding is crucial as this is not a tick the box exercise. In launching the Z Rainbow Network, we request that all employees who wish to be recognized as visible members (while still making available to all), complete a series of modules and workshops provided by the Rainbow Tick, along with understanding our own internal polices (including Transitioning at work) so that they are empowered to support rainbow colleagues.  

It also gives us the chance to bring the conversation to life throughout the year rather than just at key traditional moments. We know that inclusiveness and diversity is not timebound to a day, a week, a month, it is a part of who we are each and everyday and that is what we at Z want to recognise and celebrate.  

Expanding beyond rainbow 

This launch also represents the beginning of future internal employee networks as it has given us the chance to understand what an ally is within Z. We’ve created a base level of behaviour and leadership expectations that will set Z up to launch future networks with the greatest chance of success –  this is merely the beginning of a journey where we will actively learn side by side with our employees everyday. 

Through continued focus, governance and support, the Z Rainbow Network is a significant opportunity to further demonstrate inclusion in action. It confirms to current and future employees that we are actively committed to making a difference and welcoming you for who you are.