Reconnecting with nature in honour of Matariki

June 16, 2022

As Matariki rises above Aotearoa again, our thoughts turn to reconnecting with nature.

At Z we’ve put a stake in the ground that we are “in the business of getting out of the petrol business”.

As we try to move away from being part of the problem to being part of the solution, we take our commitment to the environment seriously.

One of the ways we are working to help reduce our carbon footprint is through the ongoing support of Trees That Count, a conservation charity working with New Zealanders to plant millions of native trees across Aotearoa.

Each of the Matariki stars holds a certain significance over our wellbeing and the environment. In honour of new beginnings and a focus on the future of Aotearoa, Z is donating 20,000 native trees to be planted across New Zealand.

What makes this project highly impactful is the care and knowledge that goes along with it; appropriate native species will planted in the right places, with weed and pest control to ensure they have the best chance to thrive. It will also help improve water and soil quality along with native biodiversity.

Learn more about our nature restoration efforts here.

Here’s to a brighter and healthier future for all generations.