FAQs for purchasing diesel or petrol directly from bulk fuel terminals around Aotearoa New Zealand.


What's a reseller?

The Fuel Industry Act 2020 defines a reseller as a distributor or dealer that on sells and supplies fuel to a customer, but does not do so (or intends to do so) only as an incidental part of their business.


Who can purchase fuel at a terminal?

Under the Fuel Industry Act 2020, resellers are entitled to purchase from a terminal provided they meet with our certification procedures. We will also allow purchases by non-resellers who comply with our certification procedures. The full definition of reseller can be found in the Fuel Industry Act.


Where are Z's terminals located?

We have our own terminals and provide access to other supplier terminals around the country.

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How do I qualify for terminal gate pricing (TGP)?

You must comply with our certification procedure to become a terminal gate customer:

For more information, download our Information Pack (PDF 127 KB).


Applying for an account

What information do I need to provide to open an account?

You will need to provide:

  • standard legal entity and contact information,
  • consent to credit check and authority for account opening.
  • you will need to complete a direct debit form.
  • we may also require a personal guarantee.

All the details you need to complete are included in the application form.


How do I open an account?

Call our Customer Service team on 0800 936 374 to request an application form, if you're confident you comply with our certification procedures, or phone your Z customer manager if you are an existing customer.


How long does it take to open an account?

Once your completed application form and supporting documentation are received, we'll usually open your account within ten working days. If we need additional documentation or the application form is incomplete, it may take longer to process your application. The ten working days starts once all of the required information has been provided.


I'm already a Z customer — do I need to open a new account?

Yes, Terminal Gate Pricing has different terms and conditions that you need to read and understand. Additional information is also needed from you to open a Terminal Gate Pricing account. Contact your Z customer manager for more assistance.


How will I know my account is ready for purchase?

Your Z customer manager will contact you to confirm that your account has been opened and advise next steps.


Onboarding and terminal access

How long are driver inductions valid?

Site inductions are valid for two years. Each site requires a separate induction. Once a driver has been signed-off for independent truck loading, this is valid for up to three years.


What are the HSSE requirements for my drivers to pick up fuel at the terminal?

Each driver needs to complete:

  • Z's driver induction requirements (online plus a site visit for each Z terminal they will pick up from)
  • Collect minimum of 3 loads under supervision of your own driver trainer or an approved buddy at each Z terminal the driver will pick up from
  • Driver sign off for independent truck loading at each Z terminal they will pick up from after 3 successful loads.

See our Terminal Access Guide (PDF 220 KB) for more details. If picking up from terminals operated by other parties, your drivers will need to complete their driver induction and sign off requirements. See terminal locations for the operators of non-Z terminals.


What are the HSSE requirements for my vehicles to pick up fuel at the terminal?

During the sign-up process we will ask for the following information to ensure that your vehicles coming to site meet our site requirements:

  • copies of Truck Safe load pass(es)
  • confirmation that your vehicles meet industry standards equipment:
    • API dry break couplings,
    • integral overfill detection system (e.g. Scully) on board,
    • wagon connection for vapour diversion.
  • truck configuration details, specifically number of compartments and safe fill levels for each.


What is the minimum amount I have to order? What is the maximum amount I can order?

The minimum volume you can collect at each terminal pick up is 5,000 litres per product ordered. There is no maximum, subject to availability.


What are the hours of terminal operations?

Access to terminals to pick up fuel by fully accredited drivers and vehicles is usually available 24/7. Z Terminal office hours are normally from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, if you require assistance. Some operational requirements, such as tanker ship discharges, may mean staff are temporarily unavailable during normal terminal office hours, and some grades of fuel may also be temporarily unavailable.



How do I place a fuel order?

Contact customer service on 0800 936 374 to place an order. Orders can be placed between 9am to 5pm daily.


How long after opening my account can I purchase fuel?

Once we have your pick up requirements and your drivers have completed their site induction for the terminal or terminals you want to pick up from, you are ready to go.


How soon after placing an order will I be able to pick up fuel?

Once the order has been confirmed by Z and provided you have appropriate approvals for drivers and vehicles to access the terminal, fuel will be available to be picked up at the nominated terminal on the same day. Pick up is subject to any normal operating restrictions the site may have.


What fuel grades can I pick up from a terminal?

Diesel and petrol is available from terminals around New Zealand. Petrol grade availability may vary from terminal to terminal. Download our terminal gate price list for the products available at each terminal.


On what grounds can Z refuse to supply product?

There are some circumstances when supply is limited that result in Z losing the right to draw from terminals owned by other parties. In those circumstances, we will be unable to offer TGP supply at all.

In addition, the grounds on which we can refuse to supply to a reseller are:

  • the reseller has requested less than the minimum purchase amount,
  • Z reasonably believes that the reseller is unlikely to comply with the pre-certification requirements,
  • Z reasonably believes that the reseller is unlikely to receive or transport the fuel in accordance with health and safety requirements,
  • Z reasonably believes that the reseller is unable to pay for the requested amount, or
  • in certain circumstances, the requested amount is required by Z to meet its obligations under its contracts or to meet forecast demand.


What happens if fuel isn't available at the port or terminal due to a supply shortage?

We will keep a minimum quantity of fuel aside at a terminal for gate sales when there is a supply constraint. In some cases, operational requirements may mean you may not be able to pick up fuel at a particular time. We will notify you of this at the time of order. Please contact your Z customer manager for more information.



Where do I find the terminal gate price?

Download the terminal gate price list.


Why is the Terminal Gate Price different to what I pay at a truck stop or a service station?

Prices are influenced by a number of factors, including the volume purchased and the cost of distributing fuel from our terminals to truck stops and service stations around New Zealand.


Why does the Z price vary between Z ports/terminals?

There are different costs to supply and operate each terminal which may affect the price.


How often does the price change?

For the current Z price for each terminal, download our terminal gate price list.