Mini-Tankers are New Zealand’s largest on-site diesel refuelling and lubricant supply operation. Their name might be “Minis” but there’s nothing mini about the size of the jobs they take on.

Mini-Tankers keep your business moving no matter how big or small your business is, providing diesel to trucking and earth moving companies, transport firms, construction sites, power generators, loggers, mining operations, through to supplying diesel direct to farms and private homes (for home heating).

Mini-Tankers, a division of Z, come to you ⁠— refuelling to your bulk diesel tanks and direct into machinery ⁠— saving you time and money.

With direct machinery refuelling:

  • there’s no ‘dead time’ or fuel used fetching diesel - the diesel comes to you.
  • refuelling is straight into machinery. This virtually eliminates fuel theft or spills from construction sites and means you don’t need to spend valuable time ensuring you comply with bulk storage regulations.
  • more of the fuel you pay for goes towards growing your profits.
  • you reduce your environmental and safety risks.

There are 25 Mini-Tankers operators throughout New Zealand.

For more info, check out the Mini-Tankers website or call 0800 111 666 to talk about your fuel needs.


Flybuys or Airpoints™ ⁠— it’s your choice

Some Mini-Tankers accounts can earn a choice of Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars™ on fuel and lubricant purchases.

To find out more, visit the Mini-Tankers website.