How to get the most out of your Z Business account

October 3, 2022

Z business card swipe

From account and card management to tracking your fuel spend, Z Business Online makes doing business simpler. 

So to help ease the busy-ness of running your business, check out these simple ways to get the most out of your Z Business account. 

Fuel card ordering 

With Z Business Plus, you’re in control of your fuel cards, not the other way round. 

We understand that your business needs can grow and change, so we’ve made it easy for you to order as many cards as you need, at any time you want. 

Cards can be personalised to drivers and/or vehicle registration numbers, giving you better flexibility for your business and reporting needs. 

Employee spend can be set by fuel type, dollar amounts and more, with easy-to-set limits and optional odometer readings on fuel purchases to help ensure driver accountability.  

You can even use your fuel cards to reward employees with additional food and beverage purchases. Your card, your way. 


To help you manage your fleet on your own terms, you can access a range of account management reports from the Reports tab on the main navigation bar of the portal. 

It’s easy to run your report at any time. Once you have clicked on the report you’d like to run, select your data ranges or other parameters depending on what you need. 

If you need a report on a regular basis, you can also set up and manage automatic scheduled reports based on your business needs. 

Increasing limits 

With rising fuel costs, it’s no surprise that many businesses are looking to increase limits on their fuel cards. With Z Business Online, this is easy. Simply log into your account, select which cards you’d like to alter, and set your new limits. This can be done anytime, anywhere. 

Minimising fraud risk 

With Z Business Plus, your business’ safety and security is paramount. 

You can rest easy knowing only authorised employees can spend, with every transaction on every card verified by a four-digit PIN. 

Company discounts are kept private and not shown on fuel receipts. It’s also easy to set custom controls to allow or limit employee spend, and rest assured knowing you can achieve swift and secure settlement at the checkout.