Our Z Business customer service team is available to help Monday to Friday 7am to 9pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm.  

More information is available here in the downloadable guide Z Business Online Guide (PDF 5MB)

Log in and create a password

When we set you up with access to Z Business Online, you’ll receive two emails. One contains your case-sensitive User ID and the other contains a secure password link. To access Z Business Online (first-time or when the password is reset):

1. Use the secure password link from your email. You’ll be prompted to create a new password

2. Enter a new password and click 'Save'

3. Enter your User ID (from your username email) and your newly created password to log in to Z Business Online

4. Where applicable, review and agree to the terms and conditions for accessing Z Business Online, then you’re good to go

Z Business Online password rules

Keep the following rules in mind when choosing your password:

  • Must be a minimum of 8 characters containing at least 3 of the following categories: uppercase A-Z lowercase a-z numeric 0-9 special characters
  • Cannot match any of your 5 previous passwords
  • Cannot have 3 or more consecutive characters from your User ID or your first and last names

Troubleshooting your login or password:

  • If your password link has expired (it’s only valid for 5 days): use the 'Forgotten your Password?' link on the Z Business Online login page. You’ll be prompted to enter your User ID and click 'Submit'. Wait until you get a password reset email then use the password link to create new password
  •  If you get an error when creating a password: make sure the password you’re entering complies with the Z Business Online password rules
  • If you get an error when logging in: make sure you’re using the correct User ID and password combination (remember they’re case-sensitive). Tip – Use the 'Forgotten your Password?' link on the login page after two incorrect attempts (before you are locked out after three incorrect attempts)
  •  If your User ID is temporarily locked out due to three incorrect attempts: give our customer service team a call to unlock your access

Navigate between accounts

If you are set up to manage multiple Z Business accounts using Z Business Online, you can navigate between accounts from the home page using the Currently selected Account drop down box. You can also see what account you’re working on in the top right-hand side of the screen.

Create/update cost centres 

A cost centre is something you can create to group certain fuel cards together and to track card costs and expenditure. Cost centres can be useful if you have multiple locations or branches. Your account can have many cost centres that can be managed with Z Business Online.

Tip - Use a unique code for each cost centre that will help you best manage your fuel spend.

To create a cost centre:

1. Open the Cost Centres screen from the Accounts tab

2. Click 'Add a Cost Centre'

3. Use a unique code of your choice for your cost centre (up to 12 characters), a description and short description which suits your business

4. Click 'Save'. You’ll now be able to use this cost centre for your account management. Cost centres need to be created before they can be applied to a card

To update a cost centre you’ve already created:

1. Open the Cost Centres screen from the Accounts tab

2. Find and select the existing cost centre to be updated. The Update Cost Centre screen will be displayed

3. Amend your cost centre details to suit your business

4. Click 'Save'. This cost centre will now be updated

Card ordering and management 

When ordering a new card, you have the choice between two types of cards:

  • Driver cards – must have a driver’s name.
  • Vehicle cards – must have a vehicle registration number.

Simply fill out the online form, and we’ll get the cards sent to you as soon as we can.

Tip – cards can be set up with both a driver name and registration number. 

Tip – If you require an odometer reading to be entered, our Point of Sale will prompt for this at time of swipe.

Managing card limits

Card limits provide customers with the ability to better control fuel card spend. It’s important that limits are regularly reviewed by customers to ensure that they remain fit-for-purpose. Fuel consumption and fuel price changes can affect when limits are reached.

Z Business Online has two useful reports to help you better manage your card limits: the Card Export List and the 80% of Card Limits report. These can be run on-demand or scheduled.

Simply go to the Reports tab on the main navigation bar.

To set a card limit:

1. Within the Cards screen, go to Find Cards page and select 'Search'

2. From the cards listed, select the card you want to Edit

3. Under the Card Limits section, choose the appropriate card limits

Processing takes place four times a day at the following times: 3:00am, 11:15am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm.

For urgent card limit updates – including outside of our standard customer service team hours - call us on 0800 ZENERGY (0800 936 374).

Card status 

To change the status of your card, this can be done through the Find Cards page. Once you have found the card you wish to change the status for, click the card number and select Edit.

You will have the following options to choose from:

  • Card cancelled Card damaged
  • Card lost/stolen
  • Card on hold - customer request
  • PIN pending

Resetting card PINs

If you need to reset your card’s PIN, select the PIN pending option. Once processed, the next time you use your card, the POS will prompt you to enter a new mandatory PIN.

Please note, resets done through Z Business Online can take a few hours and won’t be reset until processed.

Processing takes place four times a day at the following times: 3:00am, 11:15am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm For urgent PIN resets – including outside of our standard customer service team hours - call us on 0800 ZENERGY (0800 936 374)

Bulk card orders 

We’ve made it simple for you to easily and efficiently order cards in bulk.

To bulk order cards:

1. Navigate to the Bulk Order screen from the Cards tab

2. Download the Bulk Card Order template

3. Open the downloaded spreadsheet and enter all details per row for every card ordered. Please note, some cells     require selections from the drop-down options only. For more information on how to complete each field, hover over   the column headings

4. Save the file in .xls format (save in same format as downloaded)

5. Upload the spreadsheet when ready to order

6. You’ll get an email notifying you of successful upload or if there are any errors that need to be resolved

Card about to expire?

Don’t worry - if your card is due to expire soon, we will automatically send you a new one. To see a list of all cards which are about to expire or manage reissuing, you can navigate to Reissue Control from the Cards tab and follow the steps. Please note, all reissued cards will default to the standard 4-year expiry period unless managed prior.

Reporting and management information

To help you manage your fleet in your own time you can now access a range of account management reports from the Reports tab on the main navigation bar.

It’s easy to run your report at any time. Once you have clicked on the report you’d like to run, select your data ranges or other parameters depending on what you need.

If you need a report on a regular basis, you can also setup and manage automatic scheduled reports based on your business needs.

Reports only reflect information from the point of being scheduled.

Z has teamed up with Xero for simple reporting

We’ve teamed up with Xero - another great Kiwi company – to help you save time by getting your Z Business invoice data fed directly into Xero, making it easy to keep your accounts up-to-date, so you have more time for the things that matter.

Set up a Xero feed 

1. Navigate to the Connect to Xero screen from the Accounts tab or by using the Quick links

2. A list of how your Z Business data can be shown in Xero will be displayed

3. Select your preferred option of how you would like to view your data

4. Once saved, you will be redirected to the Welcome to Xero login page

5. Enter your Xero login credentials to login

6. Finish setting up your invoice feed by selecting the organisation in Xero you want to link your feed to, along with setting how the transactions map to your Chart of Accounts. This mapping will typically be a one time activity when you first set up your link

Once you’ve done this, you’re good to go – your Z Business account will now be linked to your Xero account.

Please note that if you have more than one Z Business account to feed into Xero, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

Once you’ve set up your Xero feed, each time we send you an invoice, a copy of your Z Business invoice data is fed directly into Xero.

You can choose how your invoice displays in Xero, with all transactions fed through or just a summary.

How do I view and approve invoices?

  • Draft invoices can be found in the ‘Bills to pay’ section of the ‘Business’ tab in Xero, and there you will see draft invoices that are awaiting approval
  • These will follow the style you selected when you connected to Xero

How are credit notes/refunds/negative invoices handled?

  •  If the balance of an invoice is negative, a credit note will be generated and viewable in Xero alongside the invoice

How do I disconnect from Xero?

1: Log into Z Business Online and click on ‘Connect to Xero’

2: Select ‘Do not Feed’ from the menu

3: Click ‘Disconnect from Xero’

4: Log onto your Xero account

5: Select Settings, then click Connected Apps

6: Remove the Z Business app