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A clean car is a good car. Well, it sure beats a dirty car anyway! So if your car could do with a good clean, head in to Z and try our Z₂O car wash. There are plenty of options – from a standard wash to supreme. Plus it's got super soft brushes to wash like a dream.

How it works

Getting your vehicle in tip top shape is easy as with Z₂O. Just follow these steps:

  1. Pop into a Z station with a Z₂O car wash and purchase the car wash you want from the counter.
  2. You'll be given a piece of paper with a code. Your code is good to use at that station for 7 or 30 days from the date of purchase, so you don't have to use it right away. If you've purchased a Z Vac or bundle, you'll get a separate ticket for the vacuum.
  3. Scan your Z App to earn your car wash stamp.
  4. Drive up to the entrance of the car wash and type in the code when the machine prompts you.
  5. Once the machine accepts your code, the car wash will let you know when to enter. Make sure you follow all the instructions.
  6. Kick back and relax while your vehicle gets the full Z₂O pampering.

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5th wash free with Z App

Each time you buy a Z₂O car wash, you can collect a car wash stamp through Z App. After four car washes, your fifth one is free!

Sometimes stamps can take up to 24 hours to appear in your Z App, so if you don't see them right away, don't fret. If you don't see your stamps after more than 24 hours, contact us and we'll sort it out for you.


Earn Flybuys and Airpoints™

Getting your car sparkling clean can also get you rewarded! Because you can earn Flybuys and Airpoints™ every time you wash your car at Z.

More about Flybuys

More about Airpoints™


Z₂O car wash options

Our powerful car wash facilities are gentle on the car you love and provide a complete clean – even underneath.

We’ve got our Regular Wash for a quick sparkle that will get you in and out as fast as possible whilst still giving your car a thorough clean. We’ve also got out Supreme Wash which is the full package – wax, polish, wheel wash, extra foam as well as everything from the Regular Wash. 

Z scented vacuum

Our scented vacuum keeps your car looking and smelling great on the inside. Just pull up to the Z vacuum right next to the Z₂O car wash and tyre pressure tool.

Z scented vacuum is available as a standalone, or bundled with your car wash.

Buy now, use later 

 Sometimes you’ll come into one of our sites and see a great deal on a Car Wash but you’ve already got a clean car. Well don’t worry, you can buy the Car Wash there and then and use it up to 30 days later when your car needs a wash. A handful of Z sites have a 7-day expiry on the wash tickets so check with a staff member before you buy. 

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