Power your journey

We want to make it as easy to charge on the go as it is to fuel up today, so we're rolling out fast chargers across Aotearoa.

To get started, just download the Z EV Charging App and sign up!

How it works

Once you've downloaded the Z EV Charging App you'll need to sign up to an account and validate your email address. Payment is handled securely through the app, add your debit or credit card and you're good to go. At the end of a charging session, your card will be debited and summary transaction details made available.

When you arrive at an EV Charger, just select the charge point you want to use and authorise the charger to start. A Pre Authorisation hold of $50.00 is placed on your card when you begin to chargeYou can monitor your session through the app and you'll get a notification when charging is complete.


Charger types

We have fast (50kW/75kW) and ultra-fast (180kW) chargers available at a number of our sites.

We also have two plug types available, CHAdeMO or CCS2, so you can choose the one that is compatible with your vehicle.

Charging speeds

At a 180kW ultra-fast charger, you'll get roughly 100km of range every 8 minutes of charging. At a 50kW fast charger, get 100km of range every 13 minutes of charging. 

Charging speed/time differs between vehicles and is dependent on factors like battery size (range), current battery level (percentage) and the maximum charging speed your EV can receive. 



We believe that pricing should be simple and fair for all EVs, so we are choosing to use a flat rate price of $0.69 per kWh.

No additional time based fees are charged.

Find a charger

Once you're all set up, it's time to find your nearest Z EV charging station. Easy! 

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Charging guide

Here's how to get started with charging at Z.

Where are we headed?

We're continuing to add sites across our network to ensure you have full coverage wherever your journey takes you.

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