Whether you want a gourmet treat or a kiwi classic, we'll help you fill up!

Gourmet Bacon & Egg  
Gourmet Butter Chicken  
Gourmet Peppered Steak  
Gourmet Angus Steak & Cheesy Mustard  
Gourmet Pepper 'Shroom (vegan)  
Mince & Cheese Pie  
Steak & Cheese Pie  
Mince Pie  
Spag Bol & Cheese Pie  
Steak & Bacon & Cheese Pie  
Steak & Cheese Pie  


Hot snacks

Built up an appetite? We have a wide range of hot snacks that are perfect for morning, noon or night.

Sausage Roll  
Kransky Roll  
Spinach & Feta Roll  
Vegan "Chorizo" Sausage Roll  
Lasagna Toppa  
Southern Chicken Toppa  
Mac & Cheese Toppa  
Bacon & Cheese Toppa  
Spicy Bratwurst Sausage  
Sausage plain  
Chicken Cordon Bleu  
Vegan "Sausage" Roll  
Southern Style Chicken Tender  
Panko & Quinoa Chicken Tender  
Korean Chicken Bite  
Louisiana Chicken Bite  



After a more wholesome lunch? Brighten up your day with one of our delicious salads.

Chicken Poke Bowl  


Vegan range

Plant-based and vegan lovers - when you're looking for something more than just tofu and grains, Z stations are here for you.

Gourmet Pepper 'Shroom Pie  
Vegan 'Sausage' Roll  
Vegan Chorizo 'Sausage' Roll  
Sweet Chilli Vegan 'Chicken'  



Nothing beats fresh fruit. That’s why many Z Espress stations keep a range of healthy fruit options in stock.

Up and down the country you’ll find packets of crunchy apple slices. And in the North Island, we offer fresh fruit salad pottles and straight up fruit.

Fresh fruit salad  



Need a healthy lunch option? We've got a range of fresh sandwich and toasties to tackle that.



Ham & Creamy Cheese & Onion Sandwich  
Ham & Egg Sandwich  
Cheese & Onion Sandwich  
Egg & Chive  



Seared Bacon & Egg Sandwich  
Smoked Ham, Cheese & Tomato Sandwich  
Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich  
Chicken, Brie & Cranberry Sandwich  


Wraps and toasties

Chicken Schnitzel Wrap  
Ham, Cheese & Onion Toastie  
Ultimate Ham & Cheese Toastie  
Cheese & Onion w/Spinach – available at selected sites  
Mince Cheese & Grilled Onion – available at selected sites  
Chicken & Cheese Toastie – available at selected sites  



For breakfast on the run or an afternoon treat, our range of muffins are sure to hit the spot.

Apricot, Apple and Almond Muffin  
Raspberry White Choc & Apple Muffin  
Double Chocolate Muffin  
Carrot Cake Muffin  
Decadent Mocha Muffin  


Slices and sweet treats

Time for a scrumptious snack? Try one of our freshly baked slices.

Caramel Slice  
Vanilla Custard Slice  
Lolly Cake  
Chocolate Brownie  
Raspberries & Cream Brownie  
Triple Chocolate Cookie  
Caramel & White Chocolate Cookie  
Pain Au Chocolat