Whether you want a gourmet treat or a kiwi classic, we'll help you fill up!

Gourmet Bacon & Egg Pie Our top notch delicious take on a kiwi classic.
Gourmet New York Pepper Steak Pie Rich and meaty with a filling that's succulently filling.
Gourmet Butter Chicken Pie Add a subtle curry spice - to make things super nice!
Gourmet Potato Top Pie Ditch the crust and add some creamy mash for total comfort eating.
Classic Mince Pie No pie collection would be complete without this meaty kiwi favourite.
Classic Mince & Cheese Pie Your meaty classic with an extra dose of cheese.
Classic Steak & Cheese Pie A slightly posher meatfest, with added cheese.
Classic Steak, Bacon & Cheese Pie Everything's better with bacon - including this little beauty.
Gourmet Vegetarian Mince & Cheese So delicious you won't even notice it's not meat!
Gourmet Pepper 'Shroom (Vegan) This vegan mushroom pie is magical.
Gourmet Angus Steak & Cheesy Mustard Tastes like you're eating a burger, what’s not to love? For a limited time only.


Hot snacks

Built up an appetite? We have a wide range of hot snacks that are perfect for morning, noon or night.

Sausage Roll Flaky, meaty and mouthwatering. Is there anything better than a hot sossie roll?
Vegan "Chorizo" Sausage Roll Spice without the vice - tasty is this little vegan beauty's middle name.
Lasagna Toppa Beef bolognaise topped with pasta and cheese - in a scoffable golden crumb shell. Yum!
Chicken Cordon Bleu Juicy chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, coated with crunchy golden breadcrumbs.
Vegan "Sausage" Roll Golden, flaky puff pastry with a savoury, herby filling. Perfect!
Chicken & Herb Sausage Roll Tasty chicken with an extra tang make these sossie rolls something special.
Southern Style Chicken Tenders Succulent chicken in a spicy southern style coating. Go on, dip in!
Nashville Chicken Tenders Addictively spicy and ridiculously tasty, you'll the Nashville difference, y'all.
Panko Chicken Tenders Tasty and wholesome with a crispy golden panko crumb. What's not to love?



After a more wholesome lunch? Brighten up your day with one of our delicious salads.

Crunchy Chicken and Dumpling salad A light and delicious lunchtime bite to keep those hunger pangs at bay.


Vegan range

Plant-based and vegan lovers - when you're looking for something more than just tofu and grains, Z stations are here for you.

Gourmet Pepper 'Shroom Pie Mushrooms have a taste all their own - especially surrounded by crisp , flaky pastry.
Vegan 'Sausage' Roll Golden, flaky puff pastry with a savoury, herby filling. Perfect!
Vegan Chorizo 'Sausage' Roll Spice without the vice - tasty is this little vegan beauty's middle name.
Roast Kumara Satay Sandwich with Slaw on Rye Go nuts for this twist on a satay sammie - a tempting blend of Kiwi and Asian.



Nothing beats fresh fruit. That’s why many Z Espress stations keep a range of healthy fruit options in stock.

Up and down the country you’ll find packets of crunchy apple slices. And in the North Island, we offer fresh fruit salad pottles and straight up fruit.

Crunchy apple slices Crisp and juicy, try a healthy fruit snack to keep you on the go.
Fresh fruit salad Pick up a pottle of natural goodness - sweet as for a quick treat!



Need a healthy lunch option? We've got a range of fresh sandwich and toasties to tackle that.



Ham & Creamy Cheese & Onion Sandwich Light and subtle, you'll wonder why you didn't try it before!
Ham & Egg Sandwich Juicy ham and creamy egg - a classic combo that always hits the spot.
Cheese & Onion Sandwich Add a little tang to your cheese craving with this traditional sammie favourite.
Egg & Chive A tasty lil' classic with boiled eggs in creamy mayo and fresh chives for zing.



Seared Bacon & Egg Sandwich Like an all-day brekkie in a bun - except in a sandwich!
Smoked Ham, Cheese & Tomato Sandwich Always a firm favourite for a healthy and filling lunchtime snack.
Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich Golden crumbed chicken locked between slices of fresh bread. Deliciously simple!
Chicken, Brie & Cranberry Sandwich Bring a beautiful creamy texture to your staple chicken sandwich. Nice!
Roast Kumara Satay Sandwich (Vegan) Go nuts for this twist on a satay sammie - a tempting blend of Kiwi and Asian.
Chicken, Bacon & Aioli Sandwich Some call it a CBA. We just just call it delish!


Wraps and toasties

Chicken Schnitzel Wrap Golden crumbed chicken and deliciously healthy salad - it's all wrapped up at Z Espress.
Ham, Cheese & Onion Toastie Deliciously toasted and oozing with flavour. It's sure to fill a gap!
Ultimate Ham & Cheese Toastie A classic combo in a classic serve. Get it while it's hot!
Cheese & Onion w/Spinach – available at selected sites Add a dash of healthy greenery to your C&O fave!
Mince Cheese & Grilled Onion – available at selected sites Minced & cheese in a sandwich? Another kiwi twist from your local Z Espress
Chicken & Cheese Toastie – available at selected sites Shredded chicken breast smothered in cheesy goodness? We say Bock! Bock!



For breakfast on the run or an afternoon treat, our range of muffins are sure to hit the spot.

Raspberry White Choc Muffin The perfect combination of white chocolate chunks, with sweet little bursts raspberries.
Double Chocolate Muffin Rich, moist and mega-chocolatey - for a decadent treat any time of day.
Carrot Cake Muffin All the flavours you love and a moist, fluffy texture - in muffin form!
Blueberry Bursting with blueberries. It might just be your new favourite muffin.
Decadent Mocha Muffin Coffee and chocolate never tasted better together until now!


Slices and sweet treats

Time for a scrumptious snack? Try one of our freshly baked slices.

Caramel Slice A simple biscuit base and soft caramel filling, all topped off with chocolate for one temptingly tasty treat.
Vanilla Custard Slice Delicious, soft, creamy, just how a classic vanilla slice should be - it'll be love at first bite!
Lolly Cake Bring back sweet memories with this childhood classic. Chewy marshmallows in a gooey, caramel fudge. Yum!
Chocolate Brownie A Z classic – rich, chocolately, and moreish to the last bite.
Raspberries & Cream Brownie A fruity twist turns a decadent chocolate brownie into an afternoon tea dreams are made of!
Triple Chocolate Cookie Milk, dark and white chocolate in a crunchy cookie base. Scrumptious!
Caramel & White Chocolate Cookie A cookie to die for. Creamy caramel and white chocolate chunks steal the show in this crunchy beauty.
Caramel Mini Bite A decadent, chewy caramel square that hits the right spot.
Caramel Shortcake Mini Bite A naughty caramel slice that make life a little bit sweeter – with zero guilt.