Whether you want a gourmet treat or a kiwi classic, we'll help you fill up!

Gourmet Bacon & Egg  
Gourmet Butter Chicken  
Gourmet Peppered Steak  
Gourmet Angus Steak & Cheesy Mustard  
Gourmet Pepper 'Shroom (vegan)  
Mince & Cheese Pie  
Steak & Cheese Pie  
Mince Pie  
Spag Bol & Cheese Pie  
Steak & Bacon & Cheese Pie  
Steak & Cheese Pie  


Hot snacks

Built up an appetite? We have a wide range of hot snacks that are perfect for morning, noon or night.

Sausage Roll  
Vegan Sausage Roll  
Kransky Roll  
Spinach & Feta Roll  
Vegan "Chorizo" Sausage Roll  
Lasagna Toppa  
Southern Chicken Toppa  
Mac & Cheese Toppa  
Bacon & Cheese Toppa  
Spicy Bratwurst Sausage  
Chicken Cordon Bleu  
Southern Style Chicken Tender  
Panko & Quinoa Chicken Tender  
Korean Chicken Bite  
Louisiana Chicken Bite  
Jalapeño Bite  


Need a healthy lunch option? We've got a range of fresh sandwich and toasties to tackle that.


Ham & Creamy Cheese & Onion Sandwich  
Ham & Egg Sandwich  
Cheese & Onion Sandwich  
Egg & Chive  
Gourmet Seared Bacon & Egg Sandwich  
Gourmet Smoked Ham, Cheese & Tomato Sandwich  
Gourmet Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich  
Gourmet Chicken, Brie & Cranberry Sandwich  
Gourmet Sweet Chilli Vegan 'Chicken' Sandwich  

Wraps and Toasties

Chicken Schnitzel Wrap  
Ham, Cheese & Onion Toastie  
Ultimate Ham & Cheese Toastie  
Cheese & Onion w/Spinach Toastie – available at selected sites  
Mince Cheese & Grilled Onion Toastie – available at selected sites  
Chicken & Cheese Toastie – available at selected sites  
Pork & Riblet Panini - available at selected sites  
Ham & Cheese Croissant - available at selected sites  

Muffins, Slices & sweet treats

For breakfast on the run or an afternoon treat, our bakery selection is sure to hit the spot.

Apricot, Apple and Almond Muffin  
Raspberry White Choc & Apple Muffin  
Double Chocolate Muffin  
Carrot Cake Muffin  
Blueberry Muffin  
Caramel Slice  
Vanilla Custard Slice  
Lolly Cake  
Chocolate Brownie  
Raspberries & Cream Brownie  
Triple Chocolate Cookie  
Caramel & White Chocolate Cookie  
Pain Au Chocolat  


After a more wholesome lunch? Brighten up your day with one of our delicious salads.

Prawn Poke Bowl  
Fresh fruit salad