How it works

From flat deck to caged to furniture and more, we've got the top-quality Hireace trailers to move your things from A to B.

There are a few ways to hire:

You'll need to bring your driver licence with you and there's a two hour minimum on all trailer hires. You'll also need to return the trailer to the same Z station you hired it from. If you'd like to book a trailer to take between cities, book from Hireace directly.

While you'll need to fit the trailer to your vehicle, the team at your local Z will be more than happy to answer any questions.


Z trailer hire options

TARE = trailer empty weight
GVM = total weight capacity including trailer

Load capacity = maximum weight to be loaded onto trailer

Cubic capacity is calculated level with the top of the trailer sides, not raised above the top of the trailer sides.

 Flat-Deck-8x4 8x4 Flat Deck
TARE: 250kg
Load capacity: 750kg
1230(W) x 2440(L) x 300(H)
GVM: 1000kg
Cubic capacity: 0.9m3
 Hireace flat deck trailer 8x4 Caged
TARE: 320kg
Load capacity: 680kg
1230(W) x 2440(L) x 900(H)
GVM: 1000kg
Cubic capacity: 2.7m3
 Hireace flat deck trailer 8x4 Tandem Flat Deck
TARE: 320kg
Load capacity: 1669kg
1230(W) x 2440(L) x 300(H)
GVM: 1999kg
Cubic capacity: 0.9m3
 Hireace caged trailer 8x4 Tandem Caged
TARE: 400kg
Load capacity: 1599kg
1230(W) x 2440(L) x 900(H)
GVM: 1999kg
Cubic capacity: 2.7m3
 Hireace furniture trailer 8x5 Furniture
TARE: 620kg
Load capacity: 630kg
1500(W) x 2400(L) x 2000(H)
GVM: 1250kg
Cubic capacity: 6.4m3
 Hireace furniture trailer 10x6 Furniture
TARE: 920kg
Load capacity: 1080kg
1800(W) x 3000(L) x 2000(H)
GVM: 2000kg
Cubic capacity: 9.3m3
 Hireace car transporter trailer 16x6 Transporter
TARE: 740kg
Load capacity: 1760kg
1880(W) x 4250(L) x 300(H)
GVM: 2500kg
Cubic capacity: N/A
 Hireace shuttle luggage trailer 6x4 Shuttle
TARE: 260kg
Load capacity: 490kg
1200(W) x 1800(L) x 1000(H)
GVM: 750kg
Cubic capacity: 2.2m3


A weight guide

This guide can help you know how much you can put on a trailer. Keep in mind that weights are approximates per cubic metre and can change according to moisture content and other factors. Make sure you check the tow rating of your vehicle.

Broken concrete 2000kg
Sand 1550kg
Gravel 1650kg
Soil 830kg
Garden waste 330kg
Firewood 330kg
Bark 330kg
Compost 500kg
Steel 7850kg
Bricks (masonry) 1700kg