The smart plan designed for your EV and home

We're committed to supporting Kiwis in their move to more sustainable energy sources so we're making it easier and more affordable to charge your EV at home.

Free power between 3am-6am and cheaper night rates make the EV at home plan a great option to keep your home and your car powered up*.

This plan works whether you trickle charge from a three-pin plug, already use a wall charger, or choose to add a smart charger as part of your plan.  

3 hours of free power every night

You'll get free power between 3am-6am*

That means, you could charge up to 30km of range free between these hours if you trickle charge, or up to 120km range** if you use a smart charger! 

*Free hours are not applicable to any separately priced controlled meter (such as for hot water) but apply to all other power consumption.

**Based on using an Evnex 7.4kW smart charger and achieving 40km per hour of range equivalent from charging. Actual rates can vary based on your car. 

Half price rates at night

Cheaper power between 9pm-7am*

Need a longer charge? Your power will be half price compared to your day rates between 9pm and 7am. Perfect for trickle chargers, charging your phone or running the dishwasher. 

*Half price rates at night are not applicable to any separately priced controlled meter (such as for hot water) but apply to all other power consumption.


Supercharge your benefits, add a smart charger

Choose to get a smart charger fully installed from our partners at Evnex as part of your EV at home plan. This will speed up your charging and help you get the most out of your free hours of power every night.

Get started

Safer for your home

Evnex's smart chargers manage your home's power load, reducing the risk of fire or damage to your home when charging.

Better for your vehicle

Look after your battery by charging with your smart charger right before your morning commute.

Interest-free repayments

Pay off your smart charger as part of your monthly power bill over 24 months, with no interest!

What is a smart charger?

A smart charger helps to maximise your home charging capacity.

With Evnex's smart charger, it's around four times faster than charging with a three-pin plug, but still much slower than a public charger, like one you might see at a Z service station.

You can typically expect around 40km of range for each hour spent charging with an Evnex charger.

It can also optimise your charging speed. It actively monitors your home's power usage and adjusts your charging rate to avoid overloading your home's power supply when using other power hungry appliances.

Evnex makes premium smart chargers that are:

Solar is coming

Solar power is a natural choice for EV drivers. It gives you the ability to power your home and charge your car with a highly renewable energy source – the sun! 

If you have a solar connection to your home, we currently can’t supply you with power because our system is unable to connect to an export meter… yet. 

We’re working on it and we’re confident we’ll be able to provide this in 2024, including offering you the ability to sell excess power back to the grid. 

The Evnex chargers available through our offer are also ready and waiting for this feature. Theyre installed with a power sensor and built in features to help harness your solar power and charge your EV.   

If you would like to be notified when solar becomes available email us here.