Home power that helps fuel your car

We're here to keep Aotearoa moving, whether that means help with home charging for an electric vehicle, or fuelling up at one of our service stations. 

You can help save on your fuel costs by earning litres on your household power bill.

Get fuel rewards for joining

Score 50L of fuel just for joining

Once you've joined as a customer you'll get 50 litres added to your Sharetank balance to use whenever you like. Easy!

Fuel back each month

Get 5L of fuel for every $100 spent on power

You'll earn fuel every time you switch on the lights or boil the jug. Litres will be added to your Sharetank balance after each bill, with part litres provided for. Sharetank T&Cs apply.

more you earn m

The more you spend, the more you could earn

Earn fuel for your power spend, without joining fees or lock in contracts. 

Get started

Collect your fuel back with Sharetank

Once you've set up a Sharetank and joined the fuel back plan, your free fuel will be loaded directly to your Sharetank account and can be redeemed using Z App.

Sharetank is the clever way to buy fuel when the price is right for you, track it easily and share with your nearest and dearest.

Learn more about Sharetank

How it works

Once you've downloaded Z App, redeeming your fuel back with Sharetank is easy.

Connect your tank

Use the same mobile number to sign up to the fuel back home plan and Z App to connect your tank to your power bill.

Earn fuel back

You'll get 5 litres back for every $100 spent on power, added to your Sharetank account automatically every month.

Fill up and redeem

You can use your litres at any Z station in Aotearoa. Just redeem using Z App, at the pump, or in store. Sharetank T&Cs apply.