Get Flybuys, get earning

The more you shop at Z, the more Flybuys you earn! Whether it’s fuel with Pumped, hot drinks or a car wash, there’s loads of ways to earn more Flybuys!

How it works

You'll earn 1 Flybuys every time you fill up with 20 litres and scan your Z App or Flybuys card. So, say you fill up with 15 litres one week, and 35 litres the next, your total of 50 litres will earn you 2 Flybuys. And you’ll be half way towards your next Flybuys. It’s that simple.

This includes any fills at Z by other cardholders on your account too.

Flybuys and Pumped

With Pumped, you save 6c per litre every day at your local Z or participating Caltex station – up to 50 litres. Or choose to stack your discount for accumulated savings later! Plus, earn Flybuys each time you reach 20 litres.


Get bigger discounts

In addition to the Flybuys you earn on fuel with Pumped at Z, you can get even more savings if you choose Pumped Fuel Discounts from Flybuys as your reward. Choose your reward today.


Z Business and Flybuys

Just link your Flybuys number with an eligible Z Business account, and every time you top up your tank with us, you’ll get even closer to gifts for staff or rewards for you. Find out more about Z Business.

Get more rewards in store

You can also earn Flybuys when you stop in for these products.

Any hot drink

1 bonus Flybuys

Z₂O car washes

5 bonus Flybuys

SWAP'n'GO LPG gas bottles - refills and new

5 bonus Flybuys

4 or 5 litre take home oil packs

5 bonus Flybuys