Carbon Count terms of use

This page was last updated on 16 April 2021.

When you use access or use Carbon Count, you agree that these terms of use apply. Please read these terms carefully.

If you have any questions about these terms or about Carbon Count, please contact us. Be sure to also read the Z App terms of use, which apply to your use of the Z App.

1. What is Carbon Count?

The Z App Carbon Count feature helps you offset your fuel emissions for petrol or diesel. When you use Carbon Count in the Z App, you can see the estimated carbon emissions of each fill and choose to offset them through local permanent forestry schemes.

2. How does Carbon Count work?

Emissions are depicted in the Z App as carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). They are automatically calculated when you redeem fuel through Sharetank, or when you purchase fuel through Z pay in app or pay by plate, or when you scan the QR Code in Z App to get your Pumped discount.

3. You can manually enter emissions too

You can also manually enter emissions into Carbon Count for purchases where emissions were not calculated for any reason, including purchases from fuel retailers other than Z, and pay to offset those emissions via Z App.

4. Important information on how emissions are calculated

The calculation methods used in the carbon offset calculator rely on information from third parties and provide an estimate only of the CO2 emissions associated with the fuel purchases entered in the Z App and the cost to offset.

5. You can offset emissions at any time

You can offset your emissions (in full or in part) at the time of purchase, or retrospectively in bulk.

6. Information on the cost of offsetting

The cost to offset CO2 emissions may vary according to fluctuations in the price of carbon credits. Offset purchases through Carbon Count are not subject to GST.

7. Information collected by Carbon Count

Carbon Count will store emissions information. Z will use the information collected in Carbon Count to facilitate the offset transaction, to communicate with the App Holder about Carbon Count and to analyse and improve the Carbon Count service.

8. Carbon count payments and refunds

Carbon Count payments are non-refundable (unless Z is legally required to provide a refund).

9. Carbon Count and the Consumer Guarantees Act

Nothing contained in these Carbon Count terms of use affects any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. If you use the Carbon Count for the purposes of a business, then, as far as the law allows, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (New Zealand) shall not apply to the supply of such services.

10. Z Energy’s liability

To the extent permitted by law, Z has no responsibility for, nor has any liability if, the emissions calculations are incorrect or do not accurately reflect either the actual CO2 emissions associated with your fuel purchases or the cost to offset such CO2 emissions. However, nothing in this clause affects or limits any rights that may have under Aotearoa New Zealand consumer laws. You can learn more about consumer laws, and rights you may have under them, on the Consumer Protection website.

11. You cannot earn loyalty points on Carbon Count purchases

No loyalty points are available on amounts spent in Carbon Count. Also, no general or promotional discounts apply.

12. Receipts

A receipt will be issued by email to the App Holder after each Carbon Count purchase within the App.

13. Technical issues

Like any online service, we cannot guarantee that Carbon Count will always be available and free of errors. If Z App is down, unavailable, or there are connectivity issues, you will not be able to offset their emissions at that time.

14. Suspension of termination of Carbon Count, and changes to terms

Z may suspend or terminate the Carbon Count service at any time, without notice. Z may amend these terms at any time, and any amendments will be effective when the updated terms are posted on the Z website.