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Z App is only available on Android or iPhone.

We've looked at other types of devices, like Windows phones, but we don't have any plans to develop an app for those platforms right now.


Updating the Z App

You can update Z App to the latest version by opening the app store on your phone and selecting to update it. Alternatively, simply select your type of phone from the links below and you'll be able to choose to update it from there.

Apple App Store

Google Play


Uploading your Flybuys and Air NZ Airpoints™ cards

Save time (and room in your wallet) by adding your Flybuys card and Air New Zealand Airpoints™ card to Z App.

Here's how:

  1. Open Z App in a well lit area – if it's a bit dim or gloomy, things generally aren't going to work well!
  2. Hold your card in the same direction as your phone – portrait. If you hold it landscape, or long ways, it doesn't read the barcode very well.

You can only add cards by scanning the barcode but we're looking at new ways to add them in the future.

If for some reason you can’t scan the barcode of your Flybuys or Airpoints™ card using Z App, then you can enter it manually.


Z App promo codes

Using promo codes in Z App is easy as. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Z App and select the 'My Z' navigation option (the middle navigation option with a ticket icon).
  2. Select 'Redeem' next to ‘Vouchers available’.
  3. Enter in the promo code and select ‘Submit code’.
  4. Alternatively you can also go to to More menu and select 'Enter promo code'.
  5. Head to Z and fill up.
  6. From the QR code page, select 'Redeem' from the 'Vouchers Available' section.
  7. Select the voucher you want to use and press 'Apply voucher'. If you don’t have any, your list will be empty.
  8. Select 'Redeem now' and scan your phone at the counter.
  9. If you change your mind that's fine. Select the x button next to your voucher and it'll be there for next time. Vouchers are only redeemed once you scan them at the counter.
  10. Enjoy your voucher!


Redeeming Z App vouchers

We have voucher for all kinds of things – a flat white or long black, a sweet discount off fuel, some Flybuys...!

Here's how to redeem Z App vouchers:

  1. Check your Z App is up to date and you’re connected to the internet. Your vouchers only work with a data connection and the latest version of the Z App.
  2. Open up your Z App. From the tabs at the bottom of your screen, select the page that has a big QR code at the top of the page.
  3. From the QR code page, select 'Redeem' from the 'Vouchers Available' section. Select the voucher you want to use, then 'apply voucher'. If you don’t have any available, your list will be empty.
  4. Turn your phone's brightness up to full before you bring up your voucher. If your phone is dim, there's a chance the voucher won't scan.
  5. Scan your QR code. Your voucher gets added into the QR code so when you scan it, you redeem your voucher. You'll also get any other rewards you're eligible for, like Pumped fuel discounts, Flybuys, Airpoints Dollars™, and apply loyalty stamps to your Z App.
  6. Hold your phone close to the scanner at the counter and voila! Your voucher has been redeemed.

If anything goes wrong, send us a message with a description of what happened and where/when it took place. We'll take of it.

Getting push notifications for promotions

We use push notifications to let you know about what's going on a Z, like discount days, special promotions, and the latest Z news. If you'd rather not hear from us, you can manage your notifications settings in the Z App.