Understanding your Carbon Count

Use Carbon Count in Z App to see carbon emissions of each fuel fill. Then offset them through local permanent forests. It's one way we can all do our bit.

Z App can help

Many people want to take climate change action, but they don’t know where to start.

When you use Carbon Count in Z App, you can see the carbon emissions of each fill and choose to offset them through local permanent forests.

Or, you can manually enter litres from any fuel retailer and choose to offset them – it's an industry issue, after all.

How it works

When you redeem Sharetank litres, purchase fuel through Z pay in app or pay by plate, or use your Z App to scan your Pumped discount, Carbon Count automatically calculates your fuel emissions based on fuel type and the number of litres.

If you'd like to offset these emissions, choose the amount and pay with the credit card stored in Z App.

You can choose to pay each time you fill up, once a month, or whenever.


Where your money goes

Z doesn't earn one cent from your Carbon Count. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The money goes towards planting both native and exotic trees.

Natives take priority as they're more compatible with our Aotearoa New Zealand habitat and have wider biodiversity benefits. Exotic species are better at locking carbon in more effectively in the shorter term. So both are included in the forests under management by Permanent Forests NZ.

Carbon Count terms of use

Calculating your emissions

We calculate your emissions based on your fuel type and the number of litres you fill up multiplied by the carbon emissions factor from the Ministry for Environment's 2019 Summary of Emissions Factors where petrol = 2.45 kg CO2e/litre and diesel = 2.69 kg CO2e/litre.

Carbon counts are GST exempt.

Trees per dollar

The number of trees per dollar that are protected depends on things like the type of trees (native or exotic) and costs of planting. As an example, a mature hardwood stand 'locks in' about 300-800 tonnes of CO2 per hectare.

Find out more about how we're tackling carbon emissions

Need help with Carbon Count?

Simply contact us. If you can include a description of the issue, a screenshot and the type of phone you have, it will speed up our ability to help you out.