What do you need to know about Z App

No pre-authorisation holds

We’ve removed the need for any pre-authorisation hold so you recharge and drive away. You'll only be charged the actual cost at the end of your session.

Journey plan at a glance

Z App will tell you the availability of chargers including the progress of chargers in use so you can plan your charging stops with the latest information. 

Get started

You can still charge by scanning the QR code of the charger or your own Z charge tag once you have activated it in the Z App. 

Activating your Charge tag

You need to re-activate your charge tag to your payment method in Z App as this is not automatically transferred.

Go to account settings

Get the Charge tag ID from the Z EV Charging App, located in "My Account". You can always get a new tag for free at any Z station with EV charging on-site.

Activate your charge tag

In the Z App, navigate to the menu using the three lines, choose "EV Charge Tag" and follow the instructions to link your charge tag ID.

Charge away!

You're ready to charge up at any of our stations with EV charging on-site! Enjoy!