1. Confirm your set-up

Once you've joined with us, an Evnex rep will be in touch to check some details about your install and provide a quote. 

Installations can vary based on different house and garage set ups, so it's important to check these first. 

2. Accept your quote

Your installation quote will be emailed to you. A simple installation starts at $2,195 and more complex installations will cost extra.

When you accept the quote you can select whether you want to pay up front or across monthly repayments. Once you’ve done this it will form part of a binding agreement between you and us for the installation and purchase of your charger

If you decide you don't want to go through with the installation, no worries. You'll still get the great benefits of our EV at home plan. 

3. Arrange your install

An installation will typically occur within 1-2 weeks, depending on yours and the installer's availability.

The installation takes about three hours and you don't need to be home, provided the installer can access relevant areas.

Once it's complete you'll get a welcome email from Evnex with all the information you need to start charging.

Smart charger requirements

To be eligible for a smart charger your property will need to meet a few criteria. If you're unsure if your property is suitable, call 0800 234 567 to discuss your situation with Evnex.

Contact Evnex

Property ownership

To get an Evnex smart charger installed, you'll need to own the property or provide written permission from the owner. 

Property type

We're not currently able to install chargers in apartment buildings and some townhouses. 

Accessible parking

You'll need a private parking space located within a metre or two of your charger location. This can be covered, uncovered, or in your garage. 

Smart charger specifications

 Here are the details for Evnex's E2 smart charger.

Charging speed 7.4kW, 32A single phase
Cable type Type 2
Tethered cable length 5m
IP Rating IP55 indoor/outdoor
Dimensions 286mm (H) x 185mm (W) x 66mm (D)
Connectivity Cellular (free) or Wifi
NZ Made Yes
Smart connectivity Yes
Carbon emissions tracking Yes
Home overload protection Yes
Local load management Yes