Get charging in a few, easy steps

Create your Evnex account

Once your charger's been installed, there's just a few short steps before you can get charging! 

Check your email from your mobile device for a message from and open the link that says "Activate your Evnex account".

This will automatically download the Evnex Driver's App from the relevant app store and prompt you to set an account password. 

If the app doesn't download automatically, don't worry! You can get it from the App Store or Google Play.

Once you've completed this you will have an account through the Evnex Driver’s App with Evnex and their terms and conditions will apply to the use of that app. 

Connect your charger

Open the app and enter your account details. From there, scroll down to the “General Settings" tab to access and update your electricity cost and other preferences. 

Prepare to charge

Connect your vehicle to the charger via the tethered cable. If this has been completed successfully you'll see the LED light change from white ‘Standby’ to purple ‘Ready to charge’.

Now you're ready to start charging.

Start a charging session

Without the app

This is the easiest way to start charging. Just connect your charger to your EV and your vehicle should request a charge. When a vehicle is charging, the LEDs show a “filling” animation in green. At full power this animates quickly, and slows down if charging more slowly.

If it doesn't start charging automatically, check that your EV isn't full already and that there's no schedule set in your vehicle or charger. 

You can stop the charge from your vehicle before unplugging the charging cable.

With the app

Set a charging schedule

With the app open, scroll down and select the “Charging Scheduleoption. Here you can enable or disable the charging schedule and set your desired hours for charging.

Start a charge

If you want to override the configured schedule or settings select the "Controls" option from the menu in the app and select "Charge Now". You can also just tap on the Evnex logo on the face of your EV charger to achieve the same effect without use of the app.

End a charging session

Once your vehicle's finished charging, unplug the connector from the vehicle. If you need to unplug before your car is full, navigate to the “Controls" menu in the app and select “Stop Charging” under the “Stop Charging” section. 

Don't switch the charger off before disconnecting the cable from your vehicle. This will cause the charging cable to remain locked in place and it won't be possible to remove until after returning power to the charger. 

Any questions?

If you still need help with your charger check out our troubleshooting guide or contact the team on