If things aren't going to plan, these fixes can help get you charged up and back on the road.

EV not charging

Your vehicle may not be requesting a charge if: 

  • It's locked from charging
  • It's waiting for a pre-set schedule (set up by the vehicle)
  • It's fully charged

Your Evnex charger may not be offering a charge if:

  • Not being powered on (check if the LEDs are active)
  • Not being connected to the network (check the LED display in the user guide)
  • Waiting for a pre-set schedule (set up by the app)

Issues with Evnex app

Check that you have internet connection or cellular data available, if not you won't be able to log-in to the app.

If you continue to have issues contact support@evnex.com.

Charging cable locked

If the charger's turned off before the cable is removed, it will lock the cable in place. Turn the power back on to remove the cable.

Need a replacement cable?

If your charger cable is damaged or you change vehicles and require a new cable or connector, it can be replaced by an approved Evnex electrician. There is a fee for this that includes a callout fee, labour and product charge.  

Contact Evnex

If you're still not having any luck, the team at Evnex are happy to help, call them on 0800 935 007 or email support@evnex.com.