Why use Sharetank?

Sharetank is the clever way to buy your fuel when the price is right for you, track it easily and share with your nearest and dearest.

Have confidence you've bought your fuel at the best Z price in your area when you fuel up your virtual tank.

Use fuel at any of our 200+ stations across New Zealand. Simply fill, scan or pay with Z App and drive away.

Who's it for?

Do you want more control over your fuel spend? Do you have little time to spare? Sharetank is your convenient fuel solution that you can pre-purchase at the lowest Z prices near you.

Lock in the price

With Sharetank you can pre-buy the exact amount of fuel you need at today's prices. When the price is right for you, top-up your Sharetank and use it when you need it at any Z station in NZ. Getting our lowest local pump price and earning your choice of Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars™ has never been easier.

Want to help family, friends or flat-mates?

Pre-buy fuel when the price is right for you and share the benefits with whoever you like. It's super easy to share your pre-bought fuel litres with family friends or employees.

Run a small business?

Sharetank is an easy and flexible way to manage fuel spend. As the owner, you can control the price at which you buy and grant access to up to 5 employees. Prefer a fuel card? Try Z Business.

Buy the fuel you want, when you want

With Sharetank you fill your virtual tank when the pump price suits you. Use your chosen fuel anytime, anywhere and with whoever you choose to share with.

Get our lowest local pump price

We scan every Z service station within 30kms of your location to bring you our lowest pump price. Yep – value now finds you.

Tomorrow's fuel, today's price

Buy when you see a price you like and your litres will show in your virtual tank ready to use whenever you want.

One big virtual tank

Add as little as 2 litres, or anything up to 1,000 litres at a time with Z91 Unleaded, ZX95 Premium Unleaded and Z Diesel.

Fill up anytime

Because Sharetank is always open, you can fill it when you like to use when you need it. No need to hold out until your tank hits empty or race around town hunting for a fuel deal.

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Why use Sharetank?

We're here for NZ. With Sharetank you get lowest Z price on fuel, whenever and wherever you need it.

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If you want to tell us about your experience or have a question you can contact our NZ based call centre.

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