Here's how to do it

We want to make sure you’re in the know from the get-go. We’ve broken down the steps to get started and start sharing.

Step 1: Start a Sharetank

1. Once you've downloaded and registered for Z App tap on the Sharetank icon on the bottom of Z App. 

2. To create a Sharetank, tap ‘Start a Sharetank’. To join a Sharetank using an invite code, tap on ‘Enter an invite code’.  

3. Accept the Z App Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Step 2: Search for fuel

1. Inside Z App, tap the Sharetank icon at the bottom

2. If you own the tank, simply tap the ‘Top-up’ button.

Sharetank will search for the lowest Z pump pricing within 30kms of your location radius. You'll need to have location services enabled on your mobile. If there is no Z within the 30kms radius, Sharetank will find the closest Z pump price across all grades.

The pump prices displayed include all fuel taxes and levies, so there's no need to pay anything extra when you redeem purchased litres.

Step 3: Choose your fuel type

Add up to 1,000 litres at a time of any or all of these fuels, just scroll across to choose from:

  • Z91 Unleaded
  • ZX95 Premium
  • Z Diesel

Once you've found your desired fuel grade, then move the top-up slider to adjust your fuel volume or enter your own amount. You can buy from 2 litres up to 1000 litres of your preferred fuel in one purchase.

Step 4: Pre-purchase fuel

When you fill up your virtual tank, your litres don't have an expiry date. That’s right, you can use it immediately or in 6 months time, or a year from now. Whatever you need. So pre-purchase when the price is right.

  • Tap ‘Review purchase’ to complete your purchase. Double check the fuel type and the amount you have purchased.
  • Choose your payment method if you’ve added a credit or debit card to the Z App previously.
  • Select either Flybuys points or Airpoints Dollars™ if you’ve added the cards previously.
  • Tap the ‘Pay now’ button
  • If successful, your litres will have been added to your Sharetank instantly.
  • On completion of your purchase, we’ll send a GST receipt to your email.

You can top-up your Sharetank using any valid Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Unfortunately, other payment or fuel cards, including Prezzy Cards, Z Business Card, Z Card, American Express, and Farmlands, are not supported at this time.

Add, edit or delete a payment card

If you're at the Sharetank checkout: just tap ‘Add’ or ‘Change’.

If you're on the app, you can also add, edit or delete payment cards under ‘Payment methods’ in your Z App account. Tap ‘More’ menu and tap ‘My account’.

Earn Fly Buys points and Airpoints Dollars™

You can choose to earn either Fly Buys points or Airpoints Dollars with Sharetank purchases. And as they’re earned as soon as you top up, you don’t need to wait until Sharetank litres are used.

  • Fly Buys: Earn 1 Fly Buys point for every 20 litres purchased through Sharetank.
  • Airpoints™: Earn 1 Airpoints Dollars for every 100 litres purchased through Sharetank.

Payments are secure

Your payment info is stored securely by Worldline.

Worldline is our payment processing provider and and securely hold the details on their system.

Step 5: Use your litres when it suits you

With Sharetank, you choose when to use your litres. If you fill up and the pump price is less than when you filled your Sharetank, you have the option to simply pay for the purchase. See other benefits and get moving today.

Find out more

To start sharing litres you’ve purchased, check out our steps for sharing fuel.

To start using fuel or to manage your account, check out our page on redeeming your fuel.