Changing Aotearoa for the better

How we're all using the planet's resources isn't sustainable. At Z, we know we’re part of the problem. It's a no brainer that we should be part of the solution.

The story so far

Back in 2016 we asked Kiwis what we can all do better to improve the state of our environment and take action on climate change.

86% of you think small changes made by an individual can make a meaningful difference. At Z, we agree giant strides start with small steps.

Your views helped shape our stand on sustainability and led to a number of goals and targets that we've taken action on over the past 5+ years.


So how are we doing?

  • We were the first fuel company to introduce an EV charger at a retail service station.
  • Our carbon footprint is published online and has been subject to independent assurance.
  • We’ve reduced our operational emissions by 6.8% against our new base year of FY20 and are on track to achieve our 2030 target of a 42% emissions reduction target off a 2020 baseline by the end of next reporting year.
  • We voluntarily finance climate change mitigation actions for the operational emissions we have been unable to avoid.
  • We’ve introduced multiple sustainability initiatives covering waste, water use and energy consumption.
  • We’re investing in native biodiversity.


Our goals

Empower communities

We will actively support local communities in the locations where we operate, enabling more New Zealanders to live the lives they value and empower the young people of Aotearoa to reach their full potential.

Restore nature and well-being

We leverage our scale and unique capabilities to foster restorative and regenerative actions that have a positive impact on communities, nature, and inter-generational well-being.

Lead transition

We will take bold action in response to climate change to reduce our own impact, work with our customers, suppliers, and partners to reduce theirs and provide solutions that will enable New Zealanders to join us on the path to a low carbon future.

So, how will we do the mahi?

Good in the Hood

Since it launched in 2013, we're proud to have been able to donate almost $8 million to local groups who are doing great things right across Aotearoa New Zealand. Find out more about Good in the Hood.

Supporting biodiversity

We've established a $1 million nature fund to improve the resilience of Aotearoa New Zealand's indigenous biodiversity. The focus for investment is on:

  • Innovation to accelerate nature restoration.
  • Improving financial incentives for restoration of important ecosystems most vulnerable to climate change.
  • Restoration that delivers real co-benefits such as education, training and employment opportunities to support an equitable transition to a low carbon future.

Find out more about nature restoration.

Scaling up our EV network

The Z of 2030 and 2050 needs to look very different to today. Increasing our EV charging network is a key example of how we are actively choosing to invest in low-carbon revenue streams that are better for the planet and deliver a sustainable, viable future for our business. It is the right thing to do for our customers and for Z. Here's how we are supporting electric vehicles.