At Z, we reckon sustainability matters. As we continue to deliver the fuel Aotearoa New Zealand needs today, we are committed to working towards a low carbon future and to acting in a way that benefits the future of the communities we operate in and the planet that carries us all. We want to engage with suppliers who share these commitments.

The objective of Z’s Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) is to set clear expectations of all our suppliers regarding ethical, social and environmental business practices. The Code provides a framework for meaningful and collaborative partnerships that ultimately work to enhance our communities, increase efficiency and reduce our environmental impact together.

Download a PDF version of the Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF 2.8MB)



Our Supplier Code of Conduct focuses on what we reckon matters to New Zealand:

  • Ethical business
  • Safety and wellbeing
  • People and community
  • Environmental sustainability

It's applicable to all suppliers, including their parent, subsidiaries, affiliates and subcontractors (“suppliers”) providing goods or services to Z Energy Limited.

For each section below:

  • We expect our suppliers to meet the minimum standards outlined.
  • We encourage our suppliers to embed the best practice standards proposed.

Building on our SCOC, we may contract specific performance measures with like-minded suppliers to work on projects that aim to make a greater positive change than what we could have achieved on our own. Suppliers shall comply with any additional requirements specific to the products or services being provided to Z Energy as called for in contract documents.



Suppliers must effectively communicate the content of this SCOC to all employees and subcontractors, parent, subsidiaries and affiliates providing products or services to Z Energy and undertake actions necessary and appropriate to assure its implementation.

Z Energy will regularly request that suppliers complete self-assessments about their compliance with this SCOC and may request documentation that demonstrates compliance. Likewise, we are committed the SCOC values and will provide examples and assistance to suppliers who require further information on any of the key areas.

For more information, download our Supplier Code of Conduct — Guidance and FAQs (PDF 82KB)


Ethical business

We expect our suppliers to:

  • operate with integrity and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards of all the countries where they are doing business, including competition and fair-trading laws, insider trading laws, data privacy laws, environmental laws and regulations and anti-corruption laws
  • not engage in corruption including bribery, extortion, money laundering or other illegal or unethical activities
  • be straight up and transparent about their practices.

We encourage our suppliers to:

  • provide and promote a ‘whistleblower’ option for employees which is accessible and confidential
  • across the countries they operate in, apply the requirements of those countries with the highest standard of ethical obligations.

Safety and wellbeing

We expect our suppliers to:

  • comply with their health and safety obligations, all applicable laws, regulations and standards in New Zealand and other countries where they are doing business
  • have a robust operational risk management framework in place to ensure that members of their team, the public and environment are not harmed through their business operations
  • create workplaces that enable “safe work” protect workers from any health impacts arising from their work and promote mental wellbeing
  • consult, co-operate and co-ordinate with Z as a PCBU on matters relating to safety and wellbeing as required.

We encourage our suppliers to:

  • have an aspiration to create a zero-harm workplace and adopt a continuous improvement approach to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees
  • involve their employees in safety and wellbeing management through employee participation programmes and build their capability to manage risk
  • across the countries they operate in, apply the requirements of those countries with the highest standard of health and safety obligations.

People and community

We expect our suppliers to:

  • comply with regulatory and statutory requirements of employment, human rights, discrimination, harassment, equal opportunities, and global labour standards
  • respect human rights and ensure no employee suffers harassment, physical, mental or other forms of abuse.
  • ensure the wellbeing of employees by complying with legal requirements on working hours, including minimum wage, overtime and maximum hours
  • practice and promote equality by treating employees equally regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, disability or other distinguishing characteristics
  • not use forced, compulsory or child labour, and to ensure that employees are employed voluntarily and of their own free will.

We encourage our suppliers to:

  • contribute to the communities they live and operate in by empowering community aspirations and achievements, supporting safe and healthy communities, and enabling neighbourhood solutions
  • promote and value diversity and inclusiveness by achieving and maintaining a workforce that broadly reflects the communities our suppliers work in
  • do business in a way that supports New Zealand.

Environmental sustainability

We expect our suppliers to:

  • comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards of the countries where they are doing business, including those that relate to hazardous materials, air emissions, pollution, waste and wastewater discharges
  • notify us of any environmental infringements and non-compliance
  • use less and waste less by adopting practices that minimise impact on the environment and deliver benefits to improve sustainable performance over time.

We encourage our suppliers to:

  • measure and monitor their greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • set an internal emissions reduction target and publicly report on progress to a recognised standard
  • support your suppliers to reduce their operational impacts on the environment
  • identify, assess, and manage climate-related risks and opportunities for their business.

We expect our suppliers to:

  • work with Z and, in turn, with their suppliers and contractors, to implement and live the principles of this Code of Conduct
  • work with us collaboratively to share, listen and learn from each other to create mutually-beneficial opportunities
  • embed the Code of Conduct as part of everyday processes
  • operate with a philosophy of continuous improvement
  • take leadership in training, monitoring, reporting and putting in place corrective actions where needed.


To confirm your commitment to working with us in a way that benefits our communities, businesses and our environment and in accordance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, please complete our questionnaire.

Supplier Code of Conduct Questionnaire