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Good in the Hood is back for 2022. We’re looking for local groups all around Aotearoa, helping people in need or the environment, to receive a share of $1 million.

Your group can apply online before 31 July. Check out the terms and conditions below.

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Little token. Big impact.

Z is for New Zealand, so it just makes sense to support the things that matter in our local communities. That's why we created Good in the Hood.

Since it launched in 2013, we're proud to have been able to donate almost $8 million to local groups who are doing great things right across Aotearoa New Zealand.

We're beyond excited to be donating $1 million to local charities and community groups in 2022, with our customers able to vote for their favourites when they visit us.

How it works

Through Good in the Hood, each of Z’s service stations will choose four different community groups to support, giving away a total of $4,000 at every site.

Customers who shop in store are given an orange token to pop in one of the four boxes, voting for their favourite local group. The money is split between all participating groups based on the number of votes each receives.

In addition to the $4,000 every Z service station has an additional $1000 to be used by local retailers throughout the year to support other neighbourhood initiatives.


This year, Good in the Hood is split into three phases. 

Got questions?

If you still want to know more about Good in the Hood, get in touch with the team. 

Read the terms and conditions.