Good in the Hood: K9 Medical Detection Dogs

Community March 17, 2023

Dog in the K9MD programme

With your help, Z Energy’s (Z) Good in the Hood is contributing to the detection of cancer using specially trained dogs. 

Dunedin based charity K9 Medical Detection NZ is a dedicated organisation working to improve the health of all New Zealanders by using specially trained dogs to assist in the detection of cancer and other diseases.

One person dies every hour of cancer in Aotearoa, so early detection is critical work. Cancers detected at an early stage are more likely to be treated successfully and starting the treatment while the cancer is small and confined greatly improves the survival rate.

Pauline Blomfield, CEO of K9 Medical Detection NZ (K9MD) said “K9MD’s New Zealand aim is to create a simple diagnostic urine test for the early detection of bowel cancer. Funds provided through Z’s Good in the Hood programme will support K9 Hero (one of our puppies) in his training for the early detection of bowel cancer”. 

Dogs are routinely trained and used to detect explosives, food, drugs, track missing persons and predict medical conditions, such as changes in blood sugar levels in diabetics.

K9 Medical Detection dogs enjoy the perfect work/life balance. They love going to work, it’s a happy place, and they still get to enjoy runs on the beach and on the farm throughout their training and medical detection work. The dogs live with either K9 Medical Detection personnel or approved fosterers and enjoy family life when not working.

“K9MD was delighted to be selected as a recipient for Good in the Hood. We would like to thank the public for voting for us with their tokens. Every week in New Zealand, 23 people die from bowel cancer. Donations we receive support the welfare and training of K9MD's dedicated team of dogs.”

Ka pai Aotearoa 

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