Good in the Hood: “I can actually learn"

Community February 22, 2023

Woman talking to a child at Seabrook Mckenzie Centre

Thanks to your votes, Z Energy’s (Z) Good in the Hood programme has helped contribute towards testing and teaching local students with learning difficulties. 

Over 30 years ago, Christchurch based Dr Jean Seabrook and neuropsychologist Mary Cameron Lewis, with the financial support of Sir Roy McKenzie, set in motion the beginnings of the now, Seabrook McKenzie Centre for Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD include dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia). The Centre provides services for those with SLD so they can have the opportunity to experience success in their education and future life.  

Fundraising and Teacher-Tutor Coordinator Elizabeth Dubin believes the Centre helps create a world where those with learning difficulties can experience a better quality of life. 

Learning difficulties dont necessarily have to stop people from succeeding in their education. However, if these students arent identified and taught in a way that works for them, sometimes they can become very discouraged in their learning. I personally love to see the visible lift in confidence when students realise ‘I can actually learn'. 

Elizabeth is grateful to Z and all other supporters, that generously donate to keep the Centre running. Every dollar helps subsidise the cost of assistance for families who need it most. 

All fundraising is with the aim of reducing fees for our students. Every bill we can pay with your help is a cost we dont have to pass on to families." 

Z’s customers voting in-store with their orange tokens for Seabrook McKenzie Centre meant the organisation received $1,372 from Z Shirley in Christchurch via the Good in the Hood initiative. This not only subsidised assessment fees, but also raised community awareness for those with learning disabilities. 

We are grateful for the donation from Z for two main reasons – firstly, it helps us provide services, and secondly, it shows that our local community cares about the Centre and supporting those with specific learning disabilities". 

Here at Z, we would like to thank Seabrook McKenzie Centre for Specific Learning Disabilities for all their mahi, so that people of all ages are able to look to the future with optimism, knowing that now there are many more opportunities available to them.  

Ka pai Aotearoa

Thanks for fuelling up at Z and voting with your little orange token. You’ve helped us share $1 million with community groups across New Zealand in 2022.

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