One year on with Good in the Hood and K9 Medical Detection Dogs

Community April 5, 2024

Dunedin based charity K9 Medical Detection New Zealand (K9MD) was delighted to be selected to take part in Good in the Hood for their second year in a row in 2023. Since taking part in the initiative last year, the organisation has been busy achieving successful milestones.

K9MD’s mission is to improve the health of all New Zealanders by using specifically trained dogs in a controlled clinical environment to assist in the detection of cancer and other diseases.

Pauline Blomfield, K9MD CEO, says that the funds raised during last year’s Good in the Hood have been allocated to the organisation’s bowel cancer research, and work has now commenced to expand research into detecting  Ovarian cancer.

“This research is extremely important, as every 48 hours one woman in New Zealand dies of Ovarian cancer.”

“We have two dogs dedicated for the early detection of this horrendous disease. Both dogs, Hunter and Hogan have exceeded expectations. By the time they are fully trained, they really will be women’s best friend.”

“We were so grateful for the support from Good in the Hood,” says Blomfield. “Every dollar helps us with our substantial  laboratory expenses and the health and welfare of our canine superstars.” 

Pauline says that taking part in Good in the Hood is also an excellent opportunity for the public to learn about their work.

“We had team members heading into participating Z stores with the dogs once a week, and found the public extremely engaged. We felt very privileged to have so many share their own cancer stories with us, so Good in The Hood has been wonderful from a community perspective.”

If you’d like to learn more about K9MD and how you can support them, head to