Rolleston EV Chargers open for business

EV Charging May 12, 2022

Woman charging her car at a Z EV charging station

Today Z Rolleston opens its new fast EV chargers, with the capacity to charge up to four electric vehicles at the same time. With fresh barista-made coffee, as well as hot and cold food selections and other onsite amenities, Z Rolleston is now the ultimate pitstop for EV drivers to charge up and go in under 10 minutes depending on your EV*

Nic Williams, Z’s GM of Strategy and Risk says the go-live of EV chargers at Z Rolleston is a significant step forward for Z as it works to scale up its EV charging network.

“We are committed to a low-carbon future and supporting our customers wherever they are in their sustainability journey. As there are more EVs on New Zealand’s roads than ever before, Z is committed to helping roll-out the infrastructure needed to better enable customers already making the switch and those looking to make the switch.”

With an already well-established retail network of service stations and truck stops conveniently located on major travel corridors across New Zealand, as well as fantastic onsite amenities including increased safety and security when charging, Z is well placed to scale up its EV charging offering.

The installation of chargers at Z’s Rolleston site, which is well positioned next to State Highway 1, was supported by co-funding from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) through the Low Emissions Transport Fund (LETF).

“Z’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to charge on the go as it is to fuel up today and is committed to continuing to strategically partner with Government and private sector businesses to do so. This co-funding from EECA is helping us to scale up our EV network at pace in order to meet customer demands now and into the future,” says Nic.

Z Rolleston Site Retailer Anton Hutton is extremely pleased to now have EV chargers installed on site.

“It’s great that we can continue to move with the times and are now able to offer our EV driving customers the means to charge their vehicle while they continue to shop with us for a coffee, bite to eat or essential supplies.”

Z has received further funding from EECA for seven more sites, which will support the installation of 26 new charging points to grow a more complete EV network for customers travelling between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga. It plans to have at least 30 charging points across its network by the end of the year.

Media enquiries
Kiri Shannon — 021 0234 4157

 *The exact charging time is dependent on your EV and battery percentage (state of charge). As an example, if your EV was capable of an average charging speed of 150kW, an ultra-fast charger would be able to add 100km of range in around 8 minutes (20kWh/100km).