The role of biofuels in a low carbon future

Sustainability February 10, 2023

The Government’s announcement to drop the Sustainable Biofuels Obligation does not stop Z’s commitment to helping Aotearoa transition to a low carbon future says Z CEO Mike Bennetts.

“Our view is that biofuels, particularly Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), will still play a valuable role in the transition, along with electrons and hydrogen, as the country looks to meet its future carbon emission reduction targets.”  

The 1.2 million litre shipment of SAF imported for Air New Zealand last year was an opportunity for Z to help reduce aviation emissions, and to test the supply chain. The success of the trial opens the door to building on this work in the future.

“Z is actively looking at ways we can support and lead the change towards a more sustainable Aotearoa. With the current high cost of living context and fuel volumes down from 2019, the announcement by the Government to drop the Obligation will allow for a more in-depth look into sustainable fuels that best meet New Zealand’s needs,” says Mike.

Electrification of transport continues to move rapidly. The Motor Industry Association’s latest figures report that the sales of vehicles with some form of electrification in 2022 almost doubled compared to 2021, rising from 23,173 to 41,103 registrations last year.

Z is supporting EV customers with its rollout of EV charging infrastructure.

By the end of 2023 we plan to have EV charging available at 20 percent of our Z retail service station sites. By 2025, we hope to increase this to 40 percent.

“We’ve also just announced a partnership with Kiwi EV smart charging company Evnex, to bring a home and small business charging offer to customers later this year,” continues Mike.

“We will continue to work with Government to determine what policy will see us collectively deliver the best results for New Zealanders and allow for flexibility to ensure industry and consumers can decide which technology solution is right for them”.  


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