Why we’re integrating EV charging into the Z App

April 30, 2024

To celebrate integrating EV charging into Z App, Z Energy (Z) is offering a free charging day on Tuesday 7th May*

There’s an app for everything nowadays, and people are over scrolling through their phone to find the right one. From today, EV drivers at Z can free up some space on their phone – EV charging with Z will have a new home moving to Z’s main App.

We think that will make EV charging EV-en better. It means our customers get the best available user experience when charging, fuelling, or feeding at Z – even all three!

The inclusion of the EV charging features in Z App will see it sit alongside all the time- and money-saving tools that Z App users already receive, including the pay in-app, pay-by-plate, coffee pre-orders, and Sharetank. Having everything in one place makes the EV experience at Z even easier and simple.

It’s been about giving our customers a seamless experience, with the integration of the apps providing a more consistent experience for customers, regardless of what vehicle they’re driving. Integrating charging gives our customers the ability to charge their car, but also to get the benefit of our full network.

While in-app promotions can certainly sweeten the deal, it also means we’ve been able to enhance the features in the EV charging space. This includes features that gives EV drivers the ability to see the progress of EVs currently charging at our sites. It helps customers with their journey planning, because it lets them work out when a charger will be next available for use.

It also makes it easier for multi-car households. We already know that many EV driving households also own a regular car as well. By having everything in one place, we’re making things easier and simpler for those households to manage their vehicles and plan their journeys. It’s a holistic experience.

Importantly, it will also see the removal of the $50 preauthorisation hold for EV charging, which has been a bug bear for many of our customers because it means they are at the mercy of the bank to release their funds. This means customers will only be charged for the actual cost of their charging session.

The integration of the EV charging app into the main Z App is not just about convenience; it also reflects a broader shift in the automotive industry. EVs are no longer a niche in the market but are increasingly becoming a mainstream choice for consumers. At Z, we’re recognising this and working to see our EV customers receive the same level of service and convenience as all other drivers.

To access all the goodies on the Z app, head to your relevant app store.

*Free charging will be available at all Z stations with EV charging from 0:00:00 to 23.59:59 on 7 May 2024 (the “Offer”). During the Offer, customers can charge their EV vehicle for free with no limit to the amount of charging time or electricity consumed (kW). The Offer is only available through the Z App.