Will&Able, Z Energy and Anchor Milk expand closed-loop recycling trial

Community September 26, 2023

Z Ponsonby location - Will & Able


Will&Able, Z Energy (Z), and Anchor Milk have today announced they plan to expand a trial of dedicated, closed-loop recycling bins at selected Z service stations from end-September.

Following the success of the initial recycling pilot at 10 Z sites late last year, a total of 39 Z service stations across the Auckland region will now participate in the next stage of the trial. The Z service stations will have collection bins installed where consumers can drop their empty Will&Able bottles, which will be collected and reused by Will&Able.

Will&Able, a better for planet cleaning product brand, is dedicated to employing people with disabilities, who can struggle to find permanent employment elsewhere.

Anchor milk bottles from the 39 participating Z cafés will also be collected and recycled into other useful products such as wrapping for product distribution and mesh products (for uses such as ground stability and fencing). Working in partnership with Will&Able to combine the bottle collection, means that Anchor and Z are able to have a more positive impact.

Z’s Head of Community and Sustainability, Abbie Bull, says the expansion of the trial is a clear indicator of all parties’ commitment to the success of the closed-loop recycling model.

“We are committed to reducing the impact of our operations, and that includes initiatives to reduce waste to landfill. By working with like-minded organisations, we can minimise our plastic waste, extend the lifespan of packaging and decrease the overall demand for new resources,” says Abbie.

“Stopping at a service station to fuel up is a regular task for most people, so placing the collection points at Z service stations makes the process more convenient – a two birds, one stone scenario.”

The trial is an expansion of Will&Able’s closed loop recycling model – the range of better for planet cleaning products is already sold in bottles made from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Craig Burston, Will&Able’s General Manager, says that the company is driven by a dual purpose – to empower people with disabilities by creating jobs, and to achieve that with the lowest environmental impact possible.

“The bottle collection at Z has been hugely successful so far, and our customers keep asking us to add new collection points. It makes sense for us to work with a company with a nation-wide network, so we can keep expanding as demand requires.

“This complements our existing partnership with Aon Insurance who allow a similar drop off model throughout their 70-branch nationwide network,” says Craig.

Anchor Milk spokesperson Rosie Cotter says that the collection scheme is part of the brand’s commitment to deliver 100% recycle ready packaging by 2025.

“Partnering with Z and Will&Able means that we can ensure our packaging avoids landfill, to help us be an influence for good for New Zealand,” says Rosie.

To find out more information and where to drop your Will&Able containers, visit Will&Able Recycling | Z Energy.