Partnering in game-changing EV charging solution

Sustainability February 8, 2023

As New Zealanders purchase EVs in droves, Z and smart charging manufacturer Evnex are partnering in a game-changer for Z’s customers, which will see the rollout of over a thousand smart EV chargers to homes and small businesses across the country.

An important step in Z’s journey towards a lower-carbon economy and renewable fuels, Evnex’s smart chargers – designed and manufactured in Christchurch – will be available through a special offer to Z’s customers later this year.

Z owns electricity retailer Flick Electric and has a deep understanding of customer transport needs, trends and future technology. Evnex facilitates the largest network of smart chargers in New Zealand and growing, with over 2,500 smart chargers across the country.

“This partnership reflects that there is a new generation of fuel powering our cars. Z is serious about supporting electrification of transport both in customers’ homes and across its service station network as we look for opportunities to lead the development of a low carbon economy,” says Nic Williams, Z’s GM of Strategy and Low Carbon.

“With 17 per cent of New Zealand’s emissions coming from transport, changing the way we travel and the fuel we use is the key to the rapid decarbonisation that must occur if we are to seriously address climate change”.

The Motor Industry Association’s latest figures report that the sales of vehicles with some form of electrification in 2022 almost doubled compared to 2021, rising from 23,173 to 41,103 registrations last year.

“EV sales are accelerating across New Zealand, and the charging infrastructure needs to support it. While Z is already targeting EV fast chargers on 40 per cent of our retail sites by 2025, most charging will be done at home, and customers are eager for an efficient, sustainable, cost-effective solution,” Nic Williams says.

“Evnex can help us bring this smart EV home charging solution to our customers, expanding our EV charging offer beyond our public network. We’re excited to join forces with such an innovative Kiwi company and bring their world-leading technology to our customers”.

Ed Harvey, founder and CEO of Evnex, says the new partnership with Z reflects a changing energy landscape.

“The next two years will be a turning point for EVs in New Zealand. Last year, the pure EV market share grew from around 4 per cent to 10 per cent. With more models available and advancements in technology and manufacturing steadily reducing cost, we expect that trend to accelerate exponentially.

“As we’ve worked with Z over the past few years, their team have demonstrated a genuine commitment to decarbonisation and electrification. Collectively our organisations believe the pathway forward is clear, and Evnex is excited about working with Z to deliver customers a world-class charging experience and innovative ways to reduce the cost and carbon impact of their charging,” he says.