Z Energy shares $1 million with over 500 charities and community groups across Aotearoa New Zealand

Community December 13, 2023

Almost 1 million orange tokens were counted as Z Energy (Z) customers voted for their favourite local charity or community groups at Z stores across the country.

“It’s great to see so many customers still love getting involved with the little orange tokens. It goes to show how much it matters to listen to the community voice”, says Z’s GM Customer, Andy Baird.

Abbie Bull, Head of Community and Sustainability at Z, reflected “This year we had a total of 517 charity and community groups participate. It was especially heartening this year to have 187 new groups on board, who hadn’t been involved in previous years of Good in the Hood.

“Our local retailers and site staff choose who to select for each Z site. Given 74 percent of the participating groups chosen this year are local groups focused on initiatives that support their communities’ health, safety and wellbeing, it’s clear how important of a role these types of organisations play in our backyards,” continues Abbie.                                                 

Dr Peta Ruha of Tūwharetoa ki Kawerau Hauora, a first-time recipient of funding from Good in the Hood, said “We are thrilled to have been selected to be part of Good in the Hood. The benefit is not just about money received but the exposure to customers and wider networks”.

Tūwharetoa ki Kawerau Hauora is a Kawerau-based health, education and social service provider that has been serving the community for almost 30 years. These services include prenatal care, youth programmes, traditional healing workshops and workforce development programmes, with the trust working closely with the community to deliver these initiatives.

This year’s campaign helped Z exceed $10 million in total contributions to community organisations and charities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand since 2011, largely through its annual Good in the Hood programme.

The $10 million milestone represents Z’s long-term commitment to helping Kiwis and what matters most to them.

As part of Good in the Hood, each Z service station give away a total of $4,000 between four local charity or community groups. Customers who shop in store are given an orange token to pop in one of four boxes to vote for their favourite local group to help decide how the money is shared. A further $1,000 from each service station is then earmarked to support community events and initiatives.