Z launches pay-as-you-go for EV charging

EV Charging April 27, 2023

 Z Energy App EV pay as you go

Z Energy (Z) now has pay-as-you-go available across its EV charging network, making it easier for customers to charge on their journey.

“We’re really pleased we’ve been able to upgrade our systems to make it easier for EV customers,” says Z’s Head of EV Charging Kieran Turner.

Pay-as-you-go is a new feature on Z’s EV Charging App, which previously required customers to have money in their accounts before charging. Instead, they can now select the charge point they want to use and authorise the charger to start, having their credit card billed at the end.

It’s about making the experience as painless as possible says Kieran.

“We want to support our customers who are switching to low carbon transport alternatives and make it as easy to charge on-the-go as it is to fuel up today”.

Z is currently rolling out a network of EV chargers at Z service stations across the country. They are planning to have EV charging available across 20 percent of the network by the end of 2023.

“We’re working at pace and prioritising speed to market as we roll out our EV charging network. We will be continuing to make improvements along the way to enhance the customer experience. We’re learning fast, listening to our customers, and constantly thinking about the next site and how we can make it better,” continues Kieran.

Z’s aim within its network is to have mostly ultra-fast EV chargers across their sites, with a minimum 150kW, along with multiple bays available to help minimise queuing.

“Our network of well-established and well-located Z service stations is ideal for EV drivers. The sites are positioned in all the major centers and along the major highways of Aotearoa. They also offer great onsite amenities, including food, coffee, bathrooms and are well-lit for those travelling late at night. They really are the perfect on-the-go charging destination for New Zealanders,” says Kieran.

For more information about EV charging at Z visit our website.


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