Z pumps more discounts at the pump

October 19, 2023

Z Energy (Z) is offering over half a million loyal Z and Caltex customers an eight cent per litre discount at the pump for the rest of the year.  

Z has announced its always on ‘Pumped’ discount is increasing from six to eight cents off per litre for the remainder of 2023, as it looks to give Pumped customers greater everyday savings in the market says Z’s GM Customer, Andy Baird.  

“Pumped traditionally offers a consistent saving of six cents per litre every day for those that choose to fuel up at either Z or Caltex and scan their Z or Caltex App, or Flybuys or Airpoints card to redeem the discount. We’ve decided to increase this to eight cents per litre for the rest of the year, giving customers a chance to save even more on their fuel in the lead up to Christmas. Pumped customers will still be offered the 10 cents per litre discount, known as ‘Super Pumped Day’, every Wednesday.  

“We appreciate it’s a small increase, and still encourage New Zealanders to shop around and use apps like Gaspy if price is their biggest driver for choosing where to fuel up. However, we also know every little bit helps, and are hoping this increased discount is welcomed by hundreds of thousands of our loyal customers who choose to redeem these discounts to save on their fuel bill,” continues Andy.  

Z’s Pumped programme, which is free to join by downloading the Z or Caltex apps, offers customers choice. They can choose to fuel up at more than 300 Z or Caltex stations across Aotearoa. They can receive instant savings every time they fill up, or if they spend $40 or more on fuel, they can choose to save and stack their accumulated discounts to be redeemed at a later date. In addition, customers can choose to earn either Flybuys or Airpoints Dollar rewards if they are a member of those programmes.  

“Pumped is one of the ways we look to offer customers a competitive deal to save on their fuel bill. Z’s unique product Sharetank, which acts as a virtual fuel tank and allows customers to pre-purchase fuel, and Z Business offers for our business customers, are other ways we offer greater flexibility for our different customer segments to suit their needs,” says Andy. 

Pumped Terms and Conditions can be found here.