Z puts the foot down on EV charging network

EV Charging December 6, 2022

Z Energy EV charging station

Z Energy (Z) is opening five new EV chargers before Christmas – and is committed to installing EV chargers across more than 40 percent of its network by 2025.

Z is accelerating the rollout of EV fast chargers across its national network of Z sites. Each new EV charger will have dual capacity to charge at least two vehicles at once, in some cases more.

“We are working at pace to ensure we can support EV drivers on-the-go and are on track to have the capacity to charge more than 40 EVs across our network simultaneously by March next year,” says Z Chief Executive Mike Bennetts. 

“By the end of 2023 we plan to have EV charging available at one in five of our Z sites. Within three years, we plan this to increase to see EV chargers show up at two in five Z sites.”

Mike said the electrification of light passenger transport was occurring at a pace which supported scaling up Z’s charging network and is pleased to introduce five new sites prior to Christmas and the summer road trip season. Three of these sites went live last week: Z Remutaka and Z Petone in the Wellington region along with Z Moorhouse Ave in Christchurch. With Z Rotokauri in Hamilton and Z Botany in Auckland scheduled to go live later this week.  

Z’s biggest point of difference in the market is its ability to leverage its existing and well-established network, that offers a safe and well-lit charging environment with food, beverage and other onsite amenities. It’s what is enabling them to continue their EV rollout at pace. They are also making sure they install a variety of chargers, with a range of kW speeds, to meet the varying needs of their customers vehicles.

“While our aim is to provide quick top ups for our customers on-the go, we want to be able to serve all EV drivers, regardless of whether they drive a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Model 3. We are working quickly on this rollout so that means we will make enhancements to the charging experience along the way – listening to what our customers’ needs are and thinking about how best we can meet these.

“Z acknowledges that most EV charging will be done at home, and we are thinking hard about how we can support our customers wherever they choose to charge. Publicly accessible charging infrastructure, like what we are offering remains critical to alleviate range anxiety, support drivers on-the-go and those who are not able to charge from home. We’re also looking beyond the Z network to include destination sites that meet other customer out-of-home charging needs, such as at shopping malls, gyms and cinemas.

“We have a strong national highway network of sites and a top-quality café and convenience offer which will make Z an EV charging destination. Developing a robust national EV charging network in safe, well-lit and convenient locations will benefit our customers, help us attract new ones and support people in making the choice to go electric.”



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