Z recognised as one of Aotearoa NZ’s top 20 most reputable brands

June 15, 2023

Z Energy (Z) has returned to the top 20 of the Kantar Corporate Reputation Index in 2023, attributing its rise to its focus on demonstrating its leadership and building trust with its customers.

Z has moved up four places, jumping to 18th overall, which Z CEO Lindis Jones says is a significant development for Z given many companies on the index have seen their overall score decrease and their place drop.

Lindis, who replaced Mike Bennetts as CEO in March 2023, attributes the increase to Z’s refusal to compromise its core company values of environmental sustainability, community, diversity and inclusion, and safety and wellbeing – despite several significant changes at the company within the last 12 months.

“Z is about working together for Aotearoa. This isn’t simply about finding ways we can support Aotearoa to a future of low carbon transport, but also represents a commitment to empowering our neighbourhoods and our Z whānau because it is within these communities that our people, customers, and suppliers live. Our community is all of Aotearoa.

“It is our responsibility to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all who interact with our company. That means having systems in place that protect Z service station staff, celebrate and actively seek out ways to improve our diversity, and encourage positive customer behaviour at our service stations to keep them and our staff safe,” he says.

Chief Client Officer of Kantar Insights, Sarah Bolger, says the survey, conducted between February and April 2023, provided invaluable insights into public perception of Z.

“What makes Z strong is a more balanced scorecard than the competitor set, delivering on multiple facets of quality, service, value and reasons for loyalty through rewards programmes and innovation through technologies like the Z App,” she says.

“New Zealanders see Z moving with the times and praise them for their commitment to improving EV charging capabilities. Lastly, revitalising community engagement is an important platform for Z, with this being meaningful to many. In fact, we received several consumer statements that highlighted Z’s deep involvement in the community.”

Lindis says Z engages with its communities through initiatives like Good in the Hood, which channels our support to smaller community groups lacking resources to seek funding elsewhere.

“I am immensely proud to announce that our commitment to "Good in the Hood" will surpass a significant milestone as we commit another $1 million in donations in 2023, reaching a total of $10 million in community contributions over the past decade. By investing in our communities, we aim to create lasting positive change and enhance the lives of all New Zealanders.”

“Z is for moving with the times, and the move to low carbon transport will be a critical component of New Zealand’s decarbonisation.,” he says.

As part of Z’s sustainability strategy, it is actively investing in low-carbon fuels and infrastructure, supporting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), and developing EV charging infrastructure across its network. In addition, Z has recently taken total ownership of electricity retailer Flick Electric and is preparing to launch a home electricity offer in the coming months. s.

Lindis says Z believes that electrification of light vehicles plays a crucial role in the transition to a cleaner energy future, and to accelerate their adoption is partnering with government agencies, local authorities, and private entities to establish a robust charging network, making EV charging accessible and convenient for all New Zealanders.

“Decarbonisation is not a challenge that Z can tackle alone; it requires collaboration, innovation, and partnerships. We’re actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with other organisations within and beyond the energy sector. By sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise, we can drive greater impact and accelerate change. That forms part of our commitment to being a leader in our industry, and a leader in Kiwi business,” he says.