We're very proud of our Rainbow Tick accreditation and demonstrating visibly, inside and outside, that we’re really committed to diversity and inclusion.

The accreditation process

The process starts off by understanding how things are currently – think of it like a company ‘temperature check'. The business assesses itself on key areas provided by Rainbow Tick.

Rainbow Tick then facilitates conversations (forums and surveys) with identifying and non-identifying staff members, as a chance for everyone to understand the challenges Rainbow staff face and ask questions in a safe and supportive environment.

It’s not about being ‘politically correct’, it’s about being able to better connect with colleagues, and consequently customers. This is all part of the process to help Rainbow Tick understand where there’s a difference between what the business thinks is going on and what Rainbow staff are experiencing.

After this ‘temperature check’, Rainbow Tick works with the business to help them foster a more inclusive culture that better meets all staff needs. This might include policy development, training, and offering general support and advice. Companies that meet a certain standard will become accredited with the Rainbow Tick – a public sign of their commitment.


Proud of our public commitment

Z Energy is the first in its industry to get the Rainbow Tick and was one of the first 40 organisations in the country to attain this status. There are now nearly one hundred other New Zealand companies making this public commitment. This number is still growing, with more iconic Kiwi brands wanting to provide an inclusive workplace where all employees feel safe and welcomed.


The journey so far

While Z is incredibly proud to be Rainbow Tick certified, we also realise it is an ongoing journey for our team and our business. We remain committed to improving the visibility of Rainbow within Z and fostering an environment where people (across all elements of D&I) can bring their true selves to work.

Z has successfully been recertified each year, being cited for our commitment to improvement and the positive approach as seen by our entire corporate organisation. Z has also been recognised externally, having been a finalist in the Emerging Category at the 2019 Rainbow Excellence Awards as well as a finalist in the 2021 Ambassador category and also received a special mention in the 2021 awards in the Innovation category for its approach to launching its Z Rainbow network. 

In 2020 we launched our first employee network, the Z Rainbow Network, creating an inclusive space for allies and those identifying as part of the rainbow community, to discuss and promote rainbow events/issues to Z. This is vital to ensure that rainbow has a voice throughout the year rather than just at traditional Pride periods. The network is currently established within Z and is looking forward to expanding and creating new ways of engaging the wider Z whānau.

Find out more about Z’s commitment to diversity.