Five ways to turn your vehicle fleet into a marketing tool

April 20, 2022

Many businesses struggle with marketing strategy, and it’s often often it comes down to having the time to sit down and put pen to paper among other priorities.

Thankfully, using your vehicle fleet to market your business is a simple and effective marketing tactic to get the brand noticed - and can be done almost entirely in-house and at a low cost.

Here are five ways you can utilise the vehicles you use day-to-day for marketing.

1. Add your existing logo/signage or create a new one. 

‘Signwriting’ and ‘vehicle branding’ are terms that describe decorating vehicles with text, logos and images for marketing purposes. While this approach isn’t suitable for every business or vehicle, it can be a low-cost, high-impact way to capture attention and create brand familiarity in the area where you do business. If your business doesn’t already have a strong visual identity, consider working with a signwriter to design elements that suit both your brand and your fleet.

2. Keep your vehicles squeaky clean

Whether you’re arriving at a client’s workplace for a meeting or simply parking in front of your own premises, the condition of your vehicle can send a strong message about your values and financial position. In this respect, regular car washing is not a luxury but a necessity. Don’t neglect to keep vehicle interiors spotless, too: they’re often more visible from the outside than you think.

3. Enhance the details on your vehicle

Beyond cleanliness, there are several ways to enhance your vehicles’ aesthetics, creating a sense of professionalism that onlookers may then associate with your business more broadly. Maintaining your tyres and changing them as soon as they begin to deteriorate visually, adding tasteful custom-painted details and checking in with your dealership about other potential upgrades are all ways to enhance your existing fleet.

4. Train your team to be better drivers

Adding signage to your vehicles and keeping them looking pristine is only beneficial if your team drives those vehicles with courtesy. If they don’t, your vehicle marketing can backfire spectacularly. Investing in a short advanced driving course is never a bad idea, and it’s not just beneficial for your brand image: your staff may also learn how to use less fuel and avoid bumps and scrapes, saving you money.

5. Put your staff in the driver’s seat

If your team members feel a sense of pride and ownership over the vehicles they drive for work, they will treat those vehicles with greater care and make it easier for you to effectively execute the ideas mentioned above. Making work-related driving an enjoyable experience for your staff can also have a positive impact on how they conduct themselves in the community as representatives of your business. Some ideas: lift any restrictions on work-vehicle usage outside work hours to keep an ‘always on’ brand presence, incentivise employees to keep the vehicles they use pristine and give them a say when purchasing new vehicles for your fleet.