Adding value to remove the hassle

Z Business offers you generous credit terms, reports to keep track of your spend and no account fees. You get value, efficiency and simplicity, along with flexible invoicing solutions.

Put simply, we have your back so you can run your business without the hassle of paperwork, receipts and messy admin that gets in the way of you focusing on getting your business moving and growing.

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What you'll get

With our simple Xero integration, we make invoicing easy, giving you time back to take care of your growing business. Stay up to date and relax when it comes to being paid and keeping your accounts in top shape.

No fees, generous credit

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. With Z Business you get:

  • Up to 40 days credit from the date of purchase
  • Your choice of four invoice dates; pick one to best suit your business
  • Every invoice sent straight to your email inbox
  • Simple online account management
  • Convenient bill pay via direct debit
  • No account card or transaction fees
  • Add as many extra cards as you need at no extra cost
  • No service fees for email invoicing


See where every dollar goes

Keep eyes on your spend and track where your money goes with easy to read reports.

  • See all your transactions in one place from every service station and truck stop across our network
  • Explore rich reports detailing how your drivers spend – what, when and where
  • Set custom controls to allow or limit employee spend
  • Eliminate cash reimbursements and the need to save fuel receipts
  • Convenient, anytime access to paperless accounting and tracking

Even easier with Xero

Set up your Z Business account so it feeds directly into Xero to make invoicing simple. Stay up to date and keep track of all your invoices and bills with one simple integration.

Xero is easy to set up and even easier to use.

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How it works

Set up and use Xero instantly by simply logging into your Z Business online account.


Connect Xero to your Z Business account in Z Business Online in just a few clicks.


Pick how your invoice displays in Xero: have all transactions fed through or just see a summary.


Each time we send you your invoice, we'll feed a copy directly into Xero, too. Simple.