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Z Business offers you the convenience of being accepted at 550+ service stations and truck stops throughout New Zealand. No matter if you stop at a Z, Caltex or Challenge, you'll continue to enjoy discounts at the fuel pump.

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Z Energy

Whether you're in business by yourself, or a large commercial customer with a fleet of cars, vans, trucks, planes or boats, we've got fuel for you. Coupled with our size, distribution network and Kiwi can-do attitude, we reckon we're well placed to deliver on what you want - powering you to where you need to be. Find us at over 200 service stations and truck stops across NZ.

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Fuels we offer

We keep business moving with the right fuels and products.

  • Z91 Unleaded
  • ZX Premium Unleaded
  • Z LPG
  • Z Diesel
  • Z Bio D biodiesel
  • AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid (available at selected truck stops)
  • Specialty fuels, including marine fuel.


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Truck stops

Z operates 60 trucks stops across New Zealand offering you convenience to keep moving. Some of our truck stops have the added convenience of a service station on-site so you can refuel yourself as well with great coffee and quality food.

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We've been fuelling motorists and businesses throughout NZ since 1936, achieving plenty of breakthroughs in our products and services along the way. These days, Caltex in New Zealand is driven by Z Energy Ltd. And the pride we take in delivering world-class fuels and lubricants continues. Find us at 150 service stations and over 65 trucks stops across NZ.

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Fuels we offer

At Caltex, we’re proud to provide quality fuel products right across NZ.

  • Regular 91 with Techron®
  • Premium 95 with Techron®
  • Caltex Diesel with Techron® D
  • AdBlue (available at selected truck stops)
  • Speciality fuels (marine, diesel and more)

More than fuel

Our Caltex stations are all locally owned and operated, offering a fast, friendly, locally focussed customer experience, plus great options for food and drink while on the go. Our retailers care about making sure that wherever you're going, you get there with a smile.


Challenge are a brand that stands for Kiwi independence, value for money, down-to-earth service and being genuine with customers. Built on the independence and uniqueness of owner-operated stations, Challenge are staffed by locals who aim to provide the warm, personal and friendly service you deserve. Find us at 80 service stations across NZ.


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Fuels at Challenge

Challenge provides quality fuel products right across NZ.

  • 91 Grade Petrol
  • 95 Grade Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Auto LPG

More than fuel

Challenge provides a total motoring service beyond just fuel. From trailer hire, vehicle and tyre servicing, through to car washes, shopping and LPG filling, we're all about giving you what you want with a dose of old-fashioned service.