Why choose us?

  • As the largest truck stop network in the country, we offer trucker-friendly sites that are never too far away from the convenience of food and drink options and bathroom amenities. Our network locations ensure that getting across the country is as efficient and comfortable as possible.
  • Truck stops located next to Z service stations have access to our extensive food and drinks range and convenience retail items. You’ll want to head in-store for an award-winning gourmet pie or barista-made coffee. You can take a break, reset and use the bathroom facilities before returning back on the road.
  • Truck stops that are co located with a Caltex service station offer hot food and other convenience retail options.
  • Selected standalone truck stops offer parking, so drivers can safely take a break to refresh and take advantage of nearby amenities after refuelling.
  • Z and Caltex truck stops are operational more than 98% of the time across the network, so drivers don't have to look for alternative options. Plus, our truck stops offer exclusive access for business users, so your drivers can spend less time waiting to refuel.
  • Our truck stops are designed to make it easier and safer for large vehicles to fuel up, including long hoses at most sites.
  • Our AdBlue truck stop network locations have grown to make it easier to get AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid. Scan the convenient AdBlue QR code to find the AdBlue site closest to you while you're out on the road.

Locate your nearest truck stop

Find your nearest location with our locator or you can get a full, printable map of our Truck Stop network and the facilities at each here (PDF, 607KB).