Coffee snobs welcome

No run-of-the-mill lattes around here. We only use double certified fairtrade organic coffee beans. So, you can be sure your barista made coffee will be a great cup of coffee, just the way you like it, every time.

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Coffee and hot drinks

Delicious barista made coffee and other hot drinks for people on the run, including:

Americano Straight-up strong espresso for the hardcore coffeeholics out there.
Flat white Get your fix with our favourite Kiwi classic  made just the way you like it.
Cappuccino Rich, thick and creamy with a dark espresso hit underneath  perfect!
Latte Smooth, subtle and creamy  a more easygoing coffee fix altogether!
Mochaccino Keep things sweet as, with an added chocolatey hit to your hot coffee shot.
Hot chocolate Rich and satisfying, for all you hot chocaholics out there!
Espresso For all you purists out there, our espresso packs a powerful punch.
Long black Strong on taste, longer on pleasure. Who needs milk?
Chai latte Totally tea-based, with a velvety taste and spicy aroma.
Lemon, ginger & honey Soothe your senses with this tangy infusion of pure, natural taste!
Tea English breakfast or something fancier, our herbal infusions are the best around!
Fluffy Keep the kids happy with their own frothy refreshment  topped off with a marshmallow!

Enhance your coffee experience with a dash of whatever flavour you fancy!

  • Flavour shots  Vanilla, Caramel, Butterscotch, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut and Chai
  • Alternative Milks Oat, Almond, Soy, Coconut (Range may vary by store)


Chilled drinks

Try our selection of iced coffees, iced chocolates, smoothies and iced teas:

Iced coffee Extra refreshing for those hot summer days — or anytime!
Iced chocolate Like a hot choccy, but on ice to keep you cool in the sun.
Coffee frappé Creamy and chilled with a touch of vanilla, it's sure to cool you down quick!
Chocolate frappé Ice cool, creamy chocolate more your taste? Just watch out for that brain freeze!
Mocha frappé Choc up your ice-chilled coffee. This one mocha and chocka.
Banana berry smoothie Healthy, tasty and guaranteed to put some pep in your step!
Tropical smoothie Fruity and super creamy for a summer taste all year long!
Raspberry and White Choc frappé For a limited time only - an indulgent flavoured frappé with real whipped cream.
Candy Cane frappé For a limited time only - our peppermint flavoured festive treat.