Need a gift for someone who's on the road a lot? Z gift cards make the perfect present. Use them to buy anything at Z including fuel.

How Z gift cards work

You can buy a Z gift card at most Z service stations that comes in a set amount starting from $20 and up to $500. Alternatively, you can purchase online from Giftstation for any amount between $20-$1000.

It works like cash and you can use it on fuel, a flat white, a car wash, a bag of chips – whatever you like. It's good to go until the balance runs out or the card expires, whichever comes first.

Z gift cards are awesome for the person who has everything, those who drive a lot and for teams who travel. If you'd like to order in bulk, contact us and we'll get you sorted.


Need to check a balance?

Your card's balance is printed on your receipt each time you use it at a Z service station. Or see what you've got left right online.

Check your balance


The T&Cs

  • A Z gift card is like cash. Please keep it safe because if it's stolen, lost or broken, we won't be able to give you another one.
  • Once it's activated, you can use your card at any participating Z service station.
  • We can't give you change when you use it, and when the card expires, any money left on it can't be redeemed, transferred or refunded.
  • We can't swap a gift card for cash or credit your balance to another account.
  • You can use your card for part payment. So if you want to buy $50 of fuel but you only have $10 left on your gift card, use the Z gift card and your EFTPOS card together. That means you've always got a way to use up your whole balance.
  • We can't transfer your card to another person.
  • We'll tell you how much money you've got left every time you use the card. Your balance is also on your receipt or you can check it online.
  • You've got 24 months to use the card from the day it was bought. You'll find the expiry date on the back of your receipt after you buy something, or you can check it online.