Aotearoa New Zealand has some pretty unique driving conditions so we've formulated our fuels to match.

ZX Premium Unleaded

ZX contains a specially formulated ingredient that is part of a multifunctional performance additive. The cleaning additive component of the additive package helps remove performance-robbing deposits on the inlet valves, and fuel injectors helping improve your car’s responsiveness. This helps improve your engine efficiency and overall performance.

It's also suitable for use in lawnmowers, motorbikes and boats.


Z91 Unleaded

When it's 91 octane you need, choose Z91 Unleaded. It's got a multifunctional additive package we have sourced for Z petrol.

The beauty of Z91 Unleaded is that it helps keep your engine clean and protects your fuel systems against corrosion. And the good news is that a clean engine can help improve vehicle driveability and reduce emissions.

The secret is a performance additive that stops the excessive build-up of harmful deposits on your injectors and carburettors. The benefit of a clean engine intake system is that it can improve the air-fuel mixture and that is great news for better combustion.

If your vehicle uses petrol with an octane rating of 91, fill up with Z91 Unleaded any time.


Z Diesel

Z Diesel is a special purpose fuel for use in high speed diesel engines (diesel engines operating at speeds above 800 rpm). Z Diesel is well suited to be used in private vehicles as well as commercial fleets and for marine and industrial applications.

Z Diesel fuel is formulated to meet the cold performance requirements for regional and seasonal conditions in New Zealand.

Z Diesel is a Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) and has a maximum sulphur content of 10 mg/kg. Z Diesel is specially formulated to have adequate lubricity to prevent excessive wear in the fuel system components.