At Z, you've got lots of ways to pay. And the choice is always yours depending on if you're in a hurry or maybe a little hungry!

Pay in app

With Z App, you drive up, open your app and use your pre-set details to fuel up. It's easy and low contact. No need to go inside. Plus, you can save or stack your Pumped discounts, pay with Sharetank or use your Z Business card.

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Pay by plate

Set up pay by plate in Z App and when you arrive at a participating Z station, our camera will read your number plate and unlock the pump. You just fill up and go.

You can also pay with Sharetank, use your Z Business card and save or stack your Pumped discounts with pay by plate. Pay by plate is available at more than 60 sites across NZ. Find your closest site.

More about paying with Z App


Pay at pump

Another time-saving option is to use our pay at pump with your Eftpos, credit or fuel card. We have contactless Paywave available and you can use your Flybuys or Airpoints™ card to earn rewards and pumped discounts.

There are 150 Z stations where you can pay at pump. Find your nearest.


Pay at pump terms and conditions

  • You will only be charged for the amount of fuel that is actually dispensed from the pump.
  • You can use the preset amount keys on the pump keypad after your card has been authorised.
  • In order to authorise your card, a 'hold' of up to $250 is requested against your bank account. If you have less than $250 available, the amount on 'hold' will be limited by your available funds. Unfortunately, some banks may decline your transaction if you have less than $250 available. Your bank will usually release any unused 'held' amount shortly after the transaction is completed. Occasionally, your bank may take longer to release the 'hold' – please contact your bank if you have any concerns.
  • Z will not be liable to you for any fraudulent or illegal use of pay at pump by you.
  • Not all fuel promotions will be available at pay at pump.


Pay in store

Of course you're welcome to pay for your fuel in store where you can also pick up a snack and a nice flat white.

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