How it works

Sharetank is the clever way to buy, share and track fuel for yourself and those closest to you. And getting started is easy.

Buy the fuels you want, when you want

Sharetank re-imagines how kiwis buy and use fuel. In a world first, you're free to pre-buy fuel when the price is right for you.

Get our lowest local pump price

We scan every Z service station within 30kms of your location to bring you our lowest pump price. Yep – value now finds you.

Tomorrow's fuel, today's price

Buy when you see a price you like and we'll save your litres in a virtual tank you can access whenever you want.

One big virtual tank

Add as little as 2 litres, or anything up to 1,000 litres at a time with Z91 Unleaded, ZX95 Premium Unleaded and Z Diesel.

Fill it up anytime

Because Sharetank is always open, you can fill it when you like to use when you need. No need to hold out until your tank hits empty or race around town hunting for a fuel deal.

Getting started

Once you've downloaded Z App, getting started with Sharetank is easy.

Pre-buy your litres

Buy up to 1000L of your chosen fuel type at the lowest Z pump price within 30km of your location.

Share or go solo

Invite and share your tank with up to five others.

Fill up and scan

Redeem your litres when you need them at any Z station, you can pay with Z App, pay at pump or scan in-store.

Sharing is caring

Help your closest go further

Second cars. Teenagers. Flatmates. Grandma. You can invite and share your tank with up to 5 others. Or keep it for yourself.

Share everywhere, use anywhere

Fill your Sharetank in Tauranga. Share it with Auntie in Timaru. Add pre-paid litres in Cambridge. Fill up in Christchurch. Whatever you want.

Managing your account

It's super easy to stay on top of your account in real time with a clear dashboard that shows fuel levels, savings, the lot.

Every transaction secure

Every purchase. Every litre. It's all securely handled in Z App. Including your payment details.

Only available on Z App

Sharetank lives in Z App. Making it super easy to coast in, fill up and roll out, pronto. It's the fast, easy and low contact way to keep you moving.

Sharetank works for business too. Open your pool of fuel for up to 5 drivers in your team. See when they fuel up in real time and do away with cash or expense claims. We’ll send GST receipts every time you fill up Sharetank. Prefer a card? Try Z Business.

Use at 200+ Z service stations

North, south, east or west, you're free to use Sharetank in over 200 locations across NZ.

Pay the best price on the day

If the pump price is lower when you fill up, you can choose to use a different payment method and save your Sharetank litres for later.

Rewards on tap

Turn your Sharetank fuel spend into something special with your choice of Flybuys or Airpoints Dollars™.

See Z App and Sharetank terms and conditions or check out the FAQs.