The way we're all using the planet's resources simply isn't sustainable. At Z, we know we’re a part of the problem, and we're dedicated to being part of the solution.

You told us, we listened

We asked you what we can all do better to save our planet. We've listened, and you've helped shape our stand on environmental sustainability.


Our environmental stand

We want to help create an environmentally sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand that's an example to the rest of the world and an inspiration to Kiwis.

To move from being part of the climate change problem to the heart of the solution.

To achieve this goal, we must be bold. Provide leadership and a range of solutions so our customers, stakeholders and communities can join us on the journey to a low carbon future.


What we're doing about it

To make good on this stand means we need to take action. And we've already made plenty of headway to:

  • use less, waste less – economising our resources and reducing the footprint of our operations
  • buy more sustainably from partners and suppliers
  • enable others to reduce their impact through the way we behave and the services we provide

Find out more about our sustainability goals and what we've achieved.